A little something for us
12:45 PM

I'll be a proud owner of this :

When? Let's just hope it's today. :-D


It has arrived! I can't wait to go back and carry my little bundle in it. Thanks Liza for the good service and fast delivery. Na na na na na na.. On a different note, my red pouch I left at Jakel has not arrived. The guy said he posted it but why is it taking soooo long? And he isn't answering my calls / sms-es. Did he not post it? Hubby told me to let go and even said he'd get me a new one, but I DON'T WANT. That's my first sling ever, it's precious to me (Eventho it's the wrong size). And...ooops...wait a minute. The guy just sms-ed me, he said I'll receive it tomorrow. Let's cross our fingers then that it WILL arrive tomorrow.

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