Harry Potter...lambatnya nak release!!
1:04 PM

12 more days till the BIG day. I'm feeling nothing. Just sorta floating in the air, not feeling extra happy nor sad.

Relationship with Mr. Fiance..hmmm..just like usual. He's busy with work. I'm busy with work too but trying to ignore the huge amount of papers scattered on my desk.

Feeling extra sleepy today. Feeling useless...just can't wait to go on my leave. TIRED la of work!


Can't wait to go to Redang!! Just imagine..the sandy white beaches...beautiful corals..colourful fishes...transluscent water....sigh...HEAVEN. Maybe I'd bring my story books along so that I can stretch under the shelter and READ!! Yea!! If only Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows dah release..that'd just complete the whole picture. Sigh lagi...

~The Urban Factor~

4:38 PM

Haih...so penat la just lepaking at the office without doing anything fruitful. Makin nak cuti ni makin malaih plak nak buat keja.

This morning two chaps from MPPP came to present their works on recreational programs. It was such an interesting presentation. Even boss saya pun was captivated with what they did to boost the public participations in programs held at various parks in Penang. Yang paling bestnya programs at Youth Park @ Municipal Parks la...baru la saya tahu rupa-rupanya banyak sungguh activities that was held kat park tu. Yang paling dekat will be in August 5th this year, Penang Biathlon. Macam pertandingan kayuh basikal laju-laju sapa sampai dulu dia menang la nih.

The presentation was very refreshing as it was more on public's involvement on various programs. Penat dah asyik dok dengar crita-crita technicals during presentation nih. What's more, their enthusiasm in carrying out their job sorta rub off on me...for just a while lah. ;-)

Ermm...gotta go. Boss's calling...will update more later. Tada!!

~The Urban Factor~

The Bachelorette Season 1
12:07 PM

Last Saturday was a memorable one for me. Had my bachelorette party with the girls from Uni. It all started just as a playful suggestion that came out of my big mouth. Then Kayla, Noe and Hernieyonnie sort of went along with my rambling about how pinkish my party is gonna be. And how I'd asked all the married girls (yes, they're included coz many of my friends are married whaaat..) to tell the stories of married life and all.
Then, I smsed Angah asking her opinion on that, and as usual Angah was full with wonderful ideas. Still, I thought it'd be just plans as it's quite hard to gather everyone nowadays : masing-masing bz ler kan ngan families and careers and what not.

Anyway, a week before the party Angah smsed me asking : "so canner? jadi tak ur bachelorette party nih? I'm going to book a hotel room if jadik". So, without much delay I went and ask everyone to confirm whether they'd be able to make it or not..and we ended up with 7 of us agreeing to go.

On Saturday morning, I woke up feeling too lazy to do anything but lying in bed for the rest of the day. But since promises had been made and Ijah had come all the way from JB in the middle of the night, I forced myself to go get ready.

Then around 10.00 pm baru ler we gerak from my house - much to Angah's dismay coz dia dah sampai dah pun kat situ. On the way to Sentul Park we made a stop at KFC as I needed to buy food for all of us to consume. Lapor! Btw, KFC kat situ most of workers dia were mute and deaf. It was amazing to see them at work! Sangat efficient dan aman..

Sampai at Sentul Park/ KL Pac, we walked a bit to find a suitable spot for our makan-makan.

Angah tgh arrange the furnitures, Kayla jadik mandur di situ!

And show ur teeth everyone!!

Cantik kan the view??

Lajuuu lajuuu buaiku lajuuu...aku nak kaweeeennn...ngan anak ...uhuk uhuk! pak yassiiiinnn... hehe
(to be continued)...

~The Urban Factor~

La La La La La....
11:48 AM

Lately, Mr. Fiance and I seldom gayut on the phone for hours anymore. We only call each other to say hi and bye. So, I was having fun talking on the phone to Mr. Fiance last night. It was kind of a long conversation we had after such a long time (for the period of more than a month now - like I said we only had short short conversations everyday).

Anyway, Mr. Fiance said this : "Believe it or not, in a couple of weeks time when I'd be going there to take you home, that'd be the last time for you coming back home as a single woman". And it had me go "Ooooooowww! Am I really NOT going to be single ANYMORE?!? Schmuck!"


But really..The thought of me going to be a W I F E ..I better be truly prepared.Sheesh. :-)

~The Urban Factor~

Just a couple of minute of your time...
4:21 PM

Please spend just a few minutes of your time to pray for my colleague's - Kak Sura - mom as she's in ICU right at the moment.

Being diagnosed with cancer last week, she got admitted into the ward last monday. Unfortunately, her condition worsened in no time at all. I pray that makcik will get well soon enough..and Kak Sura, be patient. I'm sure there's something good for you and everyone behind all these.

~The Urban Factor~

*Y A W N*
3:35 PM

The pressure's getting to me.

Everything's going badly. Preparations were made like soooo long ago. But still when the time's near, everything seems to go wrong.

First I got involved in the reshuffling. Meaning that I've gotta learn so many new things within this limited time. And now that I'm taking a long leave, I've got to cram all these preparations for new projects to take off within a month's time. Before I go on my leave that is. And I tell u...there are gonna be like thousands of projects to prepare! (erk..sorry...exxageration terlebih kat situ).

Secondly, I just can't take it that time-time nak dekat sangat dah ngan my wedding ni, banyak pulak things yang nak change and not going according to my plan. Sometimes I get so fed-up with having to decide and think of simple simple things that people shoved in my way. I mean, I like making my decision early and MADE IT CLEAR to everyone that's the way I want it to be. Then, there'll be many opinions thrown in by different people. Ironically, there are just that. Opinions. Without any suggestion or backup plan or anything. Which means that yours truly will have to device a new plan to replace the one who'd been shot down by many negative opinions and remarks. And the process will go on and on until I decide to just ignore that detail part of the wedding and just let it be.

Marrying is suppose to be easy. It's a good deed to do.

However, people are making it so complicated for a couple to be married that I'm sure when the time is near, many of us just feel like bailing out of it. I know I do. Maybe we should just have a "koboi" wedding. At least then, everyone will be gleeful with the huge opportunity to pass judgement on you..and you on the other hand, wouldn't spent so much money and time and energy only to get criticised and end up being dissatisfied with everything that you spent your precious money on.

~The Urban Factor~

The Early Morning Catastrophe
12:13 PM

As I was late this morning, I took a cab to the office. The driver was an I*dian uncle. At a glance, he looked like a nice chap.

For the first few kilometres, we drove on peacefully..him driving while me looking out of the window having my daily dose of daydreams. However, when we arrived at a T Junction not that far away, he braked suddenly as he didn't at first see the car that was coming out the other way.

And then, he made the move to continue driving as he was actually blocking the other car but the C**nese driver (was being quite rude if u ask me) was trying to acah-acah the uncle a few times, as if to hentam him or something.

So the decent-looking-uncle's temperature raised and by then he was already starting to shout obscenities and pointing his fingers at the C**nese driver (who, btw, did look like a Tonto).

Among the things he said were "Makan b**i punya orang..lu mau kena ka!!Itu bangsa C**a semua b**i punya worang!" and so on and so forth.

Back when I was working in Penang, in the heat of an argument, I uttered almost the same thing about the people I was working with - which coincidentally were of one race.

And it had me thinking now...the gap between races are still wide. Each of us had some bad things to say about the other races. We have our differences, but if we view it in positive ways we might just be able to live in peace and harmony..after such a long try.

~The Urban Factor~

Home Sweet Home...
4:13 PM

I just moved into a new house last weekend. Actually my housemate made most of the transfering-our-belongings-to-the-new-house trips as I was back at hometown that week.

The decision to move was made quite hastily. The thing is, I got afraid of one of the tenant who lived 2 floors below us. He was mental or something like that and I got paranoid when one day he sorta followed me upstairs. Dia takdak la buat apa pun, in fact when I caught him following me dia trus dengan kelam kabutnya lari turun bawah. But still, I couldn't stand the suspense when everytime nak balik umah I had to pass by his unit, wishing badly that he won't be there sitting on the stairs. Very takut!

Anyway, I love this new house. The interior is quite spacious, nice and cozy. I've decorated my room with carpets, book cases, throw cushions, and stuffs; Noe said my room feels like home. :-) Every working days I just couldn't wait to go back home. But it's not like I'd do anything fun there..just sitting around the hall watching Noe's huge set of tv can make me euphoric. Plus the fact that there's only thus at the house (plus hernione who spend a few nights a week at our home)..rasa cam aman sangat. Sigh...

~The Urban Factor~