11:41 AM

Salam everyone.

It's been more than 5 months since I last posted in here. Believe me, it's been the longest and most exciting 5 months I've ever gone through my entire life.

The much awaited baby is here of coz, he's a big boy already. 5 months old. Being able to do certain things at his age, he always amuses his mama with his stunts.

Muhammad Aqil Irfan bin Mohamed Amin. That's munchkin's full name. If u remember, I wanted another name for him, but after Amin consulted an ustaz here right after munchkin was born, we got a totally different name for him.

Anyway, Irfan brings such joy to his mama and abah. And also to the grandparents, aunties and uncles and mostly everyone around him. A happy child he is. Always can be seen smiling at everyone and anyone. But whenever he's hungry or sleepy, ha! u better watch out then. He'd be soooo very cranky that even his maktok would surrender and call his mama to the rescue. :-D

O'oh, the siren is wailing. Mama is needed right now to tuck him in bed. Will be updating more insyaAllah. Here are some latest pics of the munchkin.

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