Of Fever and Langkawi Trip
4:27 PM

Kesian Irfan, demam and sore throat. Phlegm, runny nose. He's being extra clingy today, pagi2 nangis and nak mama dukung. Just now mama and abah fetched him from maktok's house and brought him to the clinic, he was sleeping but once he saw his abah, his eyes were wide open. Smiling and clapping his hands.

However, we can see that he's kinda tired. Even mak said that he only crawled half way to the kitchen when she went to the bathroom this morning. Usually he would crawled all the way to the bathroom door and bang on it until she opens up.

This morning mak suap the porridge I made for him. He ate it but after that he throw up, so we have to stop giving him anything besides milk for a while lah. If he keeps on throwing up I'm afraid it would hurt him, kecian plak.

Apala Irfan, dah best2 enjoy kat Langkawi, now sakit2 plak. Takpa..next time we go for a holiday you'd be stronger coz now u r getting used to it dah kan. First time sakit la sikit kan. :-D

On to the holiday story, I'm quite satisfied with the trip. Banyak yang telah diborong. :-D Will post bout it in another entry.

Now, I better go and catch up with the mounting works.

The Zonan Factor

1:52 PM

Irfan is 10 months old now. Last nite at Tesco, Amin was saying to him "Anak abah dah besaq"..and tetiba I became nostalgic. 2 more months and my son will turn 1 year old. I enjoyed the past 10 months with him, eventho at times I wish I could be with him alllll the time. But what I have with him now is special and enough to make me feel complete. I love my son. I won't trade him with anything or anyone in this whole wide world...

Anyway...Irfan's milestone since 7-10 months :

- Stand up on his own
- Now he's trying to stand without holding on to anything. Bravo dearie! Tho some people sibuk saying that ..slownya, dah 10 months takleh jalan lagi...anak dia tu anak dia ni 9 bulan dah jalan - to heck with u guys, dun u know that EVERY child develops at his/her own rate? tak belajar ka?
- Clap hands
- Wave goodbye
- Eats A LOT...so far I've started him on cheese and fishes besides veggy, and he LOVES IT! esp cheese (at 9 months plus)
- Throw his bottles and pacifiers when he's mad (maktok kata ikut mama!). Nasib la kan kena kepala siapa..hehe
- Shake his head No!No!No!
- Cheeky smile..imitate everything we do like sneeze, cough, shhhh (this one trying to imitate but tak reti haha)
- When alone with maktok, she'd call out "Elephant!Come take Irfan, Irfan dun wanna sleep", and he'd quickly crawled up to her and sleep on her tummy, konon takut la.haha
- Pandai berlakon..when ppl get mad at him, dia buat2 nangis. No tears whatsoever. Nangis pun suara gatal..haha
- Likes to dance (mama will scold him when he do this)
- 8 batang gigi, he loves munching his food now..god boy :-D

A LOT of other things but since time is limited, I can't list everything down here. I'm so happy that I have the chance to go through all all these developments with my sweetie pie, and it's very very fulfilling to see your child grows in front of your eyes.

But sayang mama, please dun grow up too fast k! Mwahs.

P/S : Will be off to Langkawi tomorrow. Will update about that when I get back. Till then, HAPPY HOLIDAY peeps!

The Zonan Factor

Signs of A Bad Babysitter
1:29 PM

It's not always easy to know whether your child's caregiver is doing the job she's supposed to. To find out, you may have to do some sleuthing. Some parents who suspect something may be amiss rent surveillance equipment. But it's often possible to tell whether something's wrong without going to that extreme.

You may have trouble on your hands if:

• Your baby isn't happy to see the sitter and has become anxious and withdrawn.
A regular caregiver can never replace Mom or Dad, but a baby needs to trust and love his babysitter. Perhaps your child and caregiver haven't bonded, or the babysitter just isn't providing the kind of warmth and comfort your child needs. As in every human relationship, having the right chemistry is important. (If you suspect something more serious is wrong, educate yourself about the signs of child abuse.)

• Your babysitter seems secretive about how they spent the day.
How your baby and his caregiver spend their time shouldn't be a secret. When you come home, you're probably eager to hear about your child and what happened while you were apart. If your caregiver isn't forthcoming about it, either she's not good at communicating with you or she has something to hide. Even a caregiver whose English is limited should be able to convey the ups and downs of your baby's day, and will understand why you want to know.

• Your baby has been in one too many easily avoidable accidents.
A babysitter must keep her eye on your child and know what he's doing at all times to prevent injury. She may be leaving your child unattended as he sleeps or plays.

• You notice your requests aren't followed.
Both of you are working together to care for your child, so a caregiver shouldn't act as if she knows more about him and childrearing than you do.

• Your babysitter often shows up late.
An undependable caregiver will leave you in the lurch time and time again. Find someone who you know is committed to the job and considerate of your needs. Tardiness and unexplained absences may mean she's unreliable in other ways as well.• Your baby often looks unkempt and dirty. If your little one's caregiver can't take care of the basics, it may be a sign that she's not on the ball when it comes to meeting your child's needs.

• Her stories don't add up. Never tolerate someone who steals, lies, or deceives you in any way. You have to be able to trust your caregiver for the relationship to work.

(Source : babycenter.com)

The Zonan Factor

Palestinian War : Israel Bar Code
2:19 PM

A "Bar code" is a number that tags any product, and you will find it at any pack written with Bars plus numbers (bars are detected and translated into same number, for example on a super market, chasier uses bar code to detect info) ...
A bar code starting with 729" indicates that this product is made in Israel
Please engrave this no, # 729, in your mind, your children's, and everyone
you can.

Israeli product carry the unique code starting with # 729
Most of the products have a bar code to identify them.
729 Israeli Bar Code Association - EAN Israel

The Zonan Factor

Palestinian War : Products to Boycott
5:19 PM

So this list was taken from an email forwarded to me by a friend :

SYARIKAT: Phillip Morris
PRODUK : Rokok dan Makanan Jenama : Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Benson & Hedges, Winston, Gold Coast, Merit, Parliament, Alpine, Basic, Cambridge, Bristol, Bucks, Chesterfield, Collector's Choice, Commander, English Ovals, Lark, L&M, Players and Saratoga, C? e d'Or, Philadelphia, Polo, Milka, Malabar, Marabou, Prince
FAKTA : 12 % keuntungannya adalah untuk Israel, setiap hari umat Islam membelanjakan USD 800 juta untuk membeli rokok mereka, keuntungan purata 10% atau USD80 juta sehari.

SYARIKAT : Coca-Cola - McDonalds - Burger King - Pizza Hut ?KFC
PRODUK : Minuman Jenama : Light Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Canada Dry, Crush, Schweppes, Minute Maid, Nestea, Dr. Pepper
FAKTA : Sejak 1966 Coca Cola meyokong penuh negara Israel. Coca Cola telah menerima anugerah tertinggi dari kerajaan Israel kerana lebih 30 tahun menyokong mereka serta membantah boikot Liga Arab terhadap Israel.

JENAMA : Kit Kat, Perrier, Libby, Nescafe, Maggie, Buitoni, Nestea, Freskies, Vittel, Pure Life, Nido, Smarties, Lion, Polo, After Eight, Coffee Mate, Nesquik, Aero, Quality Street, Felix (cat food), Crosse & Blackwell, Milkmaid, Carnation, Shreddies, Baci Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Milkybar, Frutips
FAKTA: Syarikat Swiss ini dimilikki 50.1% oleh syarikat Israel, Osem Investments. Pada tahun 2000 mengumumkan untuk melabur berjuta-juta dolar di Israel dalam R & D. Pada tahun Peter Brabeck-Letmathe bagi pihak Nestle menerima Anugerah Jubli daripada Perdana Menteri Netanyahu.

SYARIKAT : Disney Produk : Disneyland, Euro-Disney, Jenama Disney, Kartun, Filem
FAKTA : Pameran Walt Disney Millennium di Epcot Centre Florida menonjolkan Jerusalem sebagai ibu negara Israel. Kos US 8 juta untuk pameran ini dibiayai US1.8 juta oleh Israel untuk menentukan isi kandungan pameran. Ini adalah kempen Israel menggunakan Disneyland untuk menguasai Jerusalem sepenuhnya.

SYARIKAT : Delta Galil Industries Ltd.
PRODUK : Pasaraya, Pakaian dan Kasut
JENAMA : JC Penney , Carrefour Nike, Reebok, Converse, Calvin Klein, Gap, Boss, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Bauer, Wrangler, Dim, Old Navy, Dockers, Celio, J. Crew , Caterpillar, Lou Riders, Pryca
FAKTA : Syarikat kain terbesar Israel. Pengasasnya Dov Lautman adalah kenalan rapat Presiden Israel ketika itu Ehud Barak.

SYARIKAT: Nokia Produk : Telekomunikasi, talipon bimbit dan elektronik FAKTA : Nokia melabur begitu banyak di Israel dan memanggilnya PROJEK ISRAEL.

PRODUK: Makanan, minuman dan biskut
JENAMA : Evian, Alpina, LU Biscuits, Tuc, Volvic, Strauss dairy, Jacob biscuits, Danone yogart, HP foods, LEA & PERRINS, Sant? Galbani, Danao, Danette Fakta : Pada tahun 1998 Franck Riboud bagi pihak Danone menerima Anugerah Jubli daripada Perdana Menteri Israel, Netanyahu. Anugerah tertinggi negara Israel untuk syarikat yang memperkukuhkan ekonomi Israel. Institut Danone, satu institut Penyelidikan dan Pembangunan telah di tubuhkan di Israel pada tahun1998.

SYARIKAT : Johnson & Johnson
PRODUK : Kesihatan.
FAKTA : Pada tahun 1998 Roger S. Fineon bagi pihak Johnson & Johnson, menerima Anugerah Jubli daripada Perdana Menteri Israel Netanyahu.

PRODUK: Kosmetik
FAKTA : Jutawan Ronald Perelman yang memilikki Revlaon adalah seorang Zionis.. Penyokong kuat Zionis Merupakan pemegang amanah Pusat Simon Wiesenthal Center yang menggunakan Holocaust untuk mendapatkan sokongan Zionisma dan Israel.

SYARIKAT : AOL Time Warner
PRODUK : Media Elektronik dan Cetak
JENAMA : ICQ, Warner Bros, CNN, AOL, Times magazine
FAKTA : AOL memperuntukkan 30% daripada portfolio keuntungan di Israel. Pada tahun 1998 AOL menerima anugerah Jubli daripada Perdana Menteri Netanyahu.

FAKTA : Mempunyai 1700 pekerja di Israel. Satu dari 3 syarikat yang disanjung semasa Jamuan Makan Malam Liga Persahabatan Amerika-Israel Untuk Demokrasi pada 25 Jun 2001 bersama Ariel Sharon.

JENAMA : Giorgio Armani, Lancome, Biotherm, Garnier, Helena Rubinstein, Donna Karan, Vichy, Cacharel, Maybelline, Redken, La roche-posay, Carson Fakta : Setelah disaman US 1.4 juta kerana menulis surat pada Liga Arab bahawa mereka menutup kilang di Israel, mereka kemudian malbur dengan begitu banyak di Israel. Kongres Yahudi Amerika amat berpuas hati dengan L? real dan menganggap mereka sahabat akrab.

PRODUK : Perkakasan komputer
FAKTA : Intel adalah penyokong kuat Israel. Pusat pembangunan pertama di luar Amerika didirikan di Haifa pada 1974..

SYARIKAT : Est? Lauder
JENAMA : Clinique, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Aramis, Origins, Ko Malone, La Mer, Prescriptives, Bobbi Brown Essentials, Aveda, Jane, MAC Cosmetics, Kate Spade, Fragrances, Stila
FAKTA : Pengerusinya, Ronald Lauder, pernah menjadi pengerusi Persidangan Utama Kesatuan Amerika Yahudi. Juga adalah presiden Tabung Kebangsaan Yahudi yang fungsinya ialah untuk menghalalkan pengambilan tanah rakyat Palestin oleh Israel.

SYARIKAT: News Corporation
PRODUK : 20th Century Fox, Star, SKY, New York Post, National Geographic Channel, News of the World, The Times, The Sun, Nursery World, The weekly Standard, Daily Telegraph, Harper Collins Fakta : Murdoch's New Corp. melabur dengan begitu banyak di Israel..

SYARIKAT: Kimberly-Clark
PRODUK: Huggies, Kotex, Kleenex, Scott, ANDREX products Freedom, Scottex

FAKTA : Pada tahun 1998 Robert P. Van der Merwe , Pengerusi Kimberly Clark , menerima Anugerah Jubli daripada Perdana Menteri Israel Netanyahu, kerana sumbangan mereka dalam membangunkan ekonomi Israel.

SYARIKAT : Procter and Gamble
PRODUK : Kesihatan, sabun, syampu
JENAMA : Head & Shoulders, Pert Plus, Pantene, Always, Tide, Crest, Pampers, Lux, Palmolive, Camay, Zest, Ariel, Fairy, Signal 2, close up, colgate, Monsieur Propre, Oil of Olay, Petrol Hahn, Pringles, Sanicroix, Tampax, Tempo, Vicks, Vizir, Yes Swiffer, Ace, Action500, Bonux, Mr Clean

MARS INC - Bounty, M&M's, Mars, Snickers, Twix, Uncle Ben's, Whiskas, Pedigree, Balisto, Brebbies

HASBRO - Parker, Pokemon, Star Wars, Episode I, Monopoly, Brothers, MB, Playskool, Tiger

GILETTE - Braun, Duracell, Gillette, Oral-B, Paper-Mate, Parker, Waterman

COLGATE PALMOLIVE - Ajax, Palmolive, Tahiti, Axion, Bingo, Fabe, Felire, La croix, Mennen, Murphy, Paic

Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry, CAMPBELL, Kellogg, Canderel, Levis, Raid Heinz

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The Zonan Factor

Let's pray that they'll be given hidayah
11:55 AM

Looking back to the past one year of my life, I was brought back to the reality. I had been too busy with my new life as a wife, and then a mother to a cute lil baby; that I had no more time to read benda-benda ilimiah. I actually kinda miss feeding my soul with all those knowledge as I did before I got married.

Furthermore, it's been such a long time that I hadn't properly listened to the long talk/tazkirah by my dad that all of us used to enjoy so much. His talk really can give you insights to perform your duties as a Muslim.

I stumbled upon this blog while bloghopping, and ot got me sad to think that kaum munafik are really adamant in destroying our faith in Islam and Allah. Vulgar words are thrown at our beloved Prophet, and yet what can we do to stop it? When we curse and laknat them, when we defend our views and belief, they would spread fitnah that Quran is asking us to use violence against ppl of other religion.

I used to get so worked up when reading blogs - especially if it is kononnya-Muslim blogs -that potray us as stupid, arrogant and violent bunch. It's frustrating to know that all these murtad people are trying their damnest to turn us into non-Muslim just like them and bad-mouthing (fitnah) their own religion. But come to think of it, maybe they're getting paid to do it by the missionaries and whatnot, who knows kan. So now saya hanya mampu berdoa agar saya dan family / rakan2 dan kaum muslimin muslimat tidak ditempatkan bersama golongan2 sebegitu, and also I pray that Allah will throw hidayah into their heart to see the real truth behind our existance in this world.

*Amidst all these havoc from the Palestinian war, kita patut lebih bersatu hati, bukannya kutuk mengutuk sesama Islam, betul tak?? That's how the Jews got to be so powerful, because they UNITE. So why can't we?

The Zonan Factor

Damn The Israel Laknatullah
10:28 PM

It's like 9.30pm and we just got back home. I'm darn tired, but I need to post this today. I need to post it in here to make it happen, so that I could look back on this particular entry and be reminded to keep my promise.

With what's happening to the Palestinian, I think it's about time that I start to contribute in helping to ease their pain. Sure we could give them money, but we can't be sure that it'll reach them safely, can we? I'm not saying that we shouldn't give derma to them, we should, we really should with a sincere heart; and I do try my very best to do it whenever the opportunities arise. But aside from that, what else can we do? How can we be involve in the jihad against violence towards our own sisters and brothers in Islam?

Earlier this afternoon, I printed out the listing of products that contributes to the Israelis economy and brought it back home (to mak's house). Mak and abah saw the list, and abah gave his long lectures on the mission of Israels to destroy not just the Muslims but the world population and to have total power over us.

Their evil schemes were all revealed in few books such as Pawns in the Games and a few more that abah mentioned earlier; which I couldn't remember now. Shall try to get my hands on the books,as I'm curious to learn of their devilish scheme.

Anyway, InsyaAllah starting today our family will start to boycott products that we know will/are contributing to the economy of the Israel. They are many out there, and some has been used for decades in our household. It might be hard to eliminate the usage of all these products at one go, but we'll try our damnest with hope that one day, we won't be contributing even a single cent to their evil mission in destroying and taking over the Palestinians' land. InsyaAllah..If all of us unite in boycotting their products, there's a big possibility for us to cripple the Israel economy.

So for a start, Mr Hubby and I shall make a list of the current Israelis / American-contributing-to-the-Israelis' products we're using and shall find an alternative products that we could use instead. The list shall be uploaded in here soon.

I must admit that I will miss eating McDs, KFC, Pizza Hut and what not. I would drool looking at all those BabyGap stuff, thinking how good my son will look in it. But it'll be much much more rewarding to know that my small contribution will help in giving justice to the Palestinians. To know that I still have that humanism in me, knowing where and what my priorities are in life. And it'll be very rewarding to know that I've done something in this life, something that will help putting back smiles on those terrified faces, something that will save the lives of many and be rewarded with much better gifts from the Almighty.

So help me God, help me in realizing our modest 'mission' to save the Muslims in Palestine.

P/s : Ami, nampaknya no Bobby Brown for me lah. Uwaaaa!!Alangkah sedihnya saya manakala gembiralah suami saya kerana wang tidak lagi akan disia-siakan begitu saja :-p

The Zonan Factor

A little something for us
12:45 PM

I'll be a proud owner of this :

When? Let's just hope it's today. :-D


It has arrived! I can't wait to go back and carry my little bundle in it. Thanks Liza for the good service and fast delivery. Na na na na na na.. On a different note, my red pouch I left at Jakel has not arrived. The guy said he posted it but why is it taking soooo long? And he isn't answering my calls / sms-es. Did he not post it? Hubby told me to let go and even said he'd get me a new one, but I DON'T WANT. That's my first sling ever, it's precious to me (Eventho it's the wrong size). And...ooops...wait a minute. The guy just sms-ed me, he said I'll receive it tomorrow. Let's cross our fingers then that it WILL arrive tomorrow.

The Zonan Factor

Let's all Say No to...
9:31 AM

I'm saying a BIG No!No to McDonalds for now. The ridiculously increased price for prosperity...what for? To buy more weapons for the zionis? Sorry babe, you won't get a dime from me to support your mission in destroying my fellow muslims.

Orang-orang yahudi dan Nasrani tidak sekali-kali akan bersetuju atau suka kepadamu (wahai Mhammad) sehingga engkau menurut agama mereka (yg telah terpesong itu) katakanlah (kepada mereka) "sesungguhnya petunjuk ALLAH (Agama Islam) itulah petunjuk yg benar".Dan demi sesungguhnya jika engkau mengikut kehendak hawa nafsu mereka sesudah datangnya (wahyu yg memberi) pengetahuan kepadamu (tentang kebenaran).maka tiadalah engkau akan peroleh dari ALLAH (sesuatu pun) yg memberi pertolongn kepadamu..
- Surah Al Baqarah ayat 120

*Let's give our prayers for the Muslims in Palestine; boo-hoo to USA.

The Zonan Factor

I'm reminded to be thankful for everything
9:31 AM

I had been an ardent reader of this mummy's writing for quite sometime. Being a SAHM, I spent a few hours a day blog hopping, on days when Irfan behaved himself. I haven't been reading her blog for quite sometime now, and when I did just now I was kinda surprised to see that she'd given birth to a premature baby boy.

And I was even more surprised and much saddened looking at the condition of the baby, whom surely must feel the pain of what happened to his arms and legs. I pray that Allah makes his pain berable and his parents stronger in facing this trial, ease their burden. Most importantly, I pray for people not to put the blame of what happened on the parents. People, stop speculating and doing fitnah on what they did in the past/during pregnancy. It would just add to their burden in handling the delicate situation.

Well, I kinda know the feeling because some of them in my husband's clan are the kind who still believes in this old-fashioned thoughts. During my pregnancy; among other things;They reminded me again and again when I was pregnant not to clean the chicken/fishes because according to their so-called wisdom it could cause the baby to have incomplete organs. Upon reading this mummy's entry, I realized that if I was in the same situation as her, I'd definitely be blamed for not listening to the elderly.

But for me, many of the old believes are kurafat. Not because they were OLD, but because many of it don't have strong foundation or reasons for it. Maybe it happened that you gave birth to a child without arms or legs, and it so happened that you did the basic chores of cooking for your husband (and it includes cleaning the chicken et. cetera), so how do you relate it to your child being arm-less? Is it because you cut away the chicken legs that God wants to punish you by making your baby crippled?

"...biarlah orang kata macam2,… memang ramai orang tanya, Mami ada penyakit ke? Mami ada makan ubat ke? Mami ada pegang parang ke? Mami ada potong binatang ke? Abiy ada buat itu ini ke? family ada history ke?… bagi kami ini anugerah dari Allah. bukan sebab apa2. dan juga sesungguhnya bukan sebab breastfeed Abang Hafiy masa pregnantkan Fahry. bukan juga sebab kejadian yang menimpa Arwah Tok Pa. tak.. bukan sebab2 semua tu."
...excerpts from the blog...

Well, if anyone have a scientific reason for it, please feel free to drop your comment here.

My prayers always with the family and may they have a beautiful life ahead. Amin...

The Zonan Factor