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Of Sentot and Adam 10 years ago

Just talked to Sentot a while ago.. and, God, I haven't laughed that much since.. well, for a very long time.. Sentot, I really miss you la, bile nak buat reunion? Tunggu sesama dah kurus skit eh?

Baizurah/Yah/Sentot (my favourite nickname for you!),I guess we both laughed ourselves silly this morning. I earned curious and worried glances from my colleagues. Must been wondering what has suddenly gotten into me.

Let me just refresh your memory of what happened during that eventful week haha..Remember how all-over Adam you were? Eversince the day you saw him during our Projek Cemerlang Akedemik (PCA), you were always talking non-stop about him. You even kept pestering us for his phone number, and only God knows how you finally obtained it. Even I don't remember how. Was it from me huh? Don't think so, my secondary school years were spent hiding from every living guy. I even remember what Adam said about me, "Ayu tanak layan aku langsung. Dia buat aku macam p**** kutip botol tepi jalan." Language dia, bleh tahan masa tu hehe..

Anyway, the prank started when we were supposed to submit our Kajian Tempatan for our PMR. I was so busy during that time, that I must have not talked to you fo quite a while. You, on the other hand, was feeling as if I was avoiding you so you told Ami. Either you or Ami then made the assumption that maybe I was jelous of you and Adam but I think it was our clown of a friend, Ami, who put the idea in your head. Ami kan terror nak kenakan orang camtu (she must have had the idea from this point haha..) and you talked to her about this. Salah besaq tu, Sentot! Knowing cheeky Ami, you should have guessed what was to follow. At first, me and Ami just laughed it off. I'm sure I went to talk to after that just to make sure you won't be feeling that way. But then came the second 'event'.

Apparently, you wanted to call Adam for a chat but found his phone engaged. Then you tried to call me, but found out that my house phone was also engaged (btw, I was talking to Ami la masa tu). Then you called Ami, who had just finished talking to me and told her that you think something was going on between me and Adam. Ami must have sensed the greatest prank of 3 Melati that she called me again after talking to you and together we devised a plan. Tabik la kat Ami, dia mmg pakar!

The next few days, I had to pretend to avoid you. How hard that was cause, well, you know me, I laugh too easily so I had to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing. When me, Sarina, Ami and Shipah were joking aorund and you came to join us, I abruptly stood up and went to the other side of the room haha.. I don't remember what else I did but I had to make sure that you knew I was avoiding you, right? Haha..Then Ami pretended to be secretive around you. She acted as if she knew something you didn't know but she didn't have any idea on how to tell you. After a few days of avoiding you, I sent you 'THE LETTER' haha.. I really hope that you still keep the letter, I'd like to see it again one of these days.In the letter (Berapa pages ah? Lupa la, but it was quite a long letter kan?), I told you, konon la, that I was with Adam hahahaha.. Sebenarnya, if Adam knew this during that time, I'm sure I'd hear more 'colourful' words from him. But my writing skills during that period must have been in the topmost condition, coz my dear Sentot, you fell for it! And that alone can make me laugh non-stop. FYI, the letter was circulated amongst our friends before I sent it to you. I got a wide variety of reactions from everyone ranging from "Tak baik la korang pekena dia canni" to "Haha, tak sabar nak tengok apa nak jadi nanti". Unfortunately, nothing they said could ever make me change my mind about sending you the letter.

I had to avoid you for two days after the letter incident, cause I was really trying my best to supress the laughter that was threatening to come out of my mouth everytime I saw you. I'm not really a good actress so I had to pretend to ignore you.

But my sweet friend, you proved to be quite a gem, and I love you for that.

This is who you could call a friend. You replied to my letter and how touching it was for me. You told me that you weren't mad. That you still wanted me as your friend. That you didn't want any guy to come between our friendship. You said, you'd choose me as your friend over any guy. Seriuosly la Baizurah, saya terharu. In fact, made me feel quite guilty for a while. You didn't even blame me. Waaa, bersalah giler rasa.. I still keep the letter, and reading it still makes me feel so lucky to have you as a friend.. though sometimes, I still laugh out loud when I read the letter, remembering how we played around with your 'innocence'.It took me a while to be able to face you, but the moment I could, I just burst out in laughter, remember? You came to me in class, trying to talk to me since I'd been avoiding you for more than a week, but just as you sat beside me, I laughed till tears came out of my eyes. I just couldn't help it. I still remember your confused face, and now I DO feel a mite guilty.. sorry la Baizurah! Then Ami came and laughed to then we confessed our sin. You just sat that dumbfounded but finally, you too laughed with us. See Sentot, we wouldn't have played the joke on you if we knew you couldn't take it but how wrong I was hahah.. But I was glad it was over la, its really very tiring, pretending to avoid you. I mean, we always had so much to talk about so the past week was very.. very.. ape eh.. very tak best hehe..

We laughed for days about the incident and you being a good sport, suffered our torture of teasing you endlessly about the letter but hey, wait a moment..

A few days later, while our in BM class, Nurul came knocking at our door and requested to see me. I went to her a bit confused. Then I noticed a familiar envelope in her hand and my heart sank a bit. What came out of her mouth not only made my heart sank further, in fact, it made my heart dissolve until nothing was left and my mind blank for quite a while. "Ayu, cikgu Nab jumpa surat ni. Dia nak jumpa awak kat bilik kaunseling pukul 11 nanti. Bawak sekali surat ni".

Everyone saw the colour drain from my face. After thanking Nurul, I walked back into class in a daze. In my heart, "Mati aku"All of you came to me asking what the matter was. After I told everyone, the class was quiet. When we asked were you put the letter, you told me that it must have slipped from you somehow. But we didn't blame you. I was thinking that this was a penance for the joke we played on you. I couldn't concentrate on anything that morning. Cikgu Nab was one of the teachers I most feared during form 3 and being summoned to the bilik Kaunseling wasn't something to be proud of.

I was already trying to come up with a good excuse, even made my mind to tell the truth. I could imagine what Abah would say. I mean, I've embarassed him when he's been doing a lot for the school. What would people say, the daughter of the PTA chairman being suspended or worse, expelled!

The whole class must have sympathised with me. You kept asking for forgiveness (cesss, berlakon!) and I was dreading 11 o'clock. Finally, at 10.55 or sometime near that, you and Nurul (sanggup tu datang dari kelas sebelah) came to me and said, "Ayu, saya tipu la!"Ya Allah, how relieved I was masa tu. Rasa nak sujud syukur hehe..

I instantly smiled but when I looked at your victorious face, I had to put up a smug look just to show that I wasn't fooled haha.. But c'mon la, who am I kidding, the whole class saw my pale face. I have to admit, you pulled a good one on me, sapa sangka, Sentot pandai nak kenakan orang! Finally, you got the last laugh.Haha.. I still can't get over the feeling I got when Nurul told me cikgu Nab wanted to see me. I still get the shivers when I remember it. Still can't accept that I was defeated by you la, Sentot.

Now, 10 years later, we've all grown. Even Adam has his own family -wife and his twin daughters. The Adam now, is totally different from 10 years ago. Now you get advice and hadises from him. I like the change though, Adam, never thought you'd change that way, but I like it. So different from the school boy who used to pick up dead leeches and put them in Soraya and my school bags when he was irritated with us. Hmm, that could be another blog entry la kot..

For Baizurah aka Sentot, don't you ever do anything like that to me again! I could get a heart attack, tau. It took me hours to get my heart rate back to normal.. come to think of it, it was only back to normal when you told me about the prank.

But one of these days, lets sip tea and compare notes on other things we used to do. We'll have Ami around and it'll be like the ol' days.

As for Adam Shah haha.. If one day, you EVER get the chance to read this, betcha' didn't expect your name to be thrown around in vain just like that, sorry my friend. Didn't mean to offend you. Consider it a compliment (though for the life of me, I can't imagine what Baizurah saw in you.. guess she didn't get the privellage to know the cheeky you since standard 1). And sorry for not making the effort to renew the friendship during those secondary school years. Saya kan pemalu hahaha.. At least we're on speaking (or more like online chatting) terms now.Wow.. memories.. memories..

P/S : Haha. Ayu is such a cheeky prankster. And I was such a gullible gal, they just loved to play pranks on me. :-D

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Our lunchdate
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P/S : I miss Amin so much! Hope I'll get to berbuka with him at least once this year.

P P/s : For a bigger version, see my fotopage.

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Rowling caught up in heightened airline security
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The Star - Friday 15th September 2006

LONDON: US airport security staff almost stopped Harry Potter author J. K. rowling from boarding a flight back to Britain because she'd not part with the manuscript for the final Potter book.

The writer told fans on her website that she'd have considered sailing back to Britain if security officials had not relented, and allowed her to take on board the unpublished latest instalment of the boy wizard's adventures...

P/S : Ayu, tak sabar aaaaah!

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I love flutterbies...
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I came across an interesting fact this morning while browsing through my email. "Butterfly" was originally called flutterby.

Very very cute.

On a different note, been shutting myself out from the outside world . I just couldn't concentrate on work nowadays. Feeling too lazy to lift a finger to do work. I guess it's because of this uncertainty. I have a really, really high hope in being appointed for that job in Penang. I crave for the opportunity. The environment here is becoming much and much more unbearable for me each day. It's so much like our studio at university. It's the people. Most of them. They're so...

The other day, got myself reprimanded for attending the interview. Sometimes, I just can't believe the guts of these people. Those whom I thought were friends are proving otherwise when such difficult situation arised. None has yet to give an encouraging words to support me in my decision. This is my life people, my future. And it's what I want. It's that simple.Why can't you understand?

Oh well, at least now I know who are real friends and who's pretending to be one.
Thank God for my glass - painting project. It's a total bliss to be able to shut myself in the bedroom and get absorbed in something I enjoy doing. At least, I'm able to forget all these mess when I paint.
My brother said it's obvious that the "butterfly used to be called flutterby " statement is a sham. But I love that word, so I am gonna call it flutterby still.

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