The Much Awaited Vacation.
4:09 PM

Until today, I still sigh longingly when I think of our Redang vacation. I can't help but pity people who feels like that place is not worth a visit, simply because of the long and supposedly tiring journey. They simply miss out on the fun and excitement of the island.

I love beaches. Even when we were still dating, I'd always made Amin bring me to the beach in Penang. I'd be contented just sitting around, enjoying the touch of warm breeze against my face and listening to the sound of waves splashing. One of the best thing I like about being at the beach is that all worries are forgotten, everytime. It's guaranteed, at least for me.

Thus, considering the fact that I am an islander myself, I never thought that I could get giddy with pleasure from the simple act of gazing at the sea. Nevertheless, the many many shades of blue and green of the Redang ocean left me wanting for more. I can't help but say this again after hundreds of time, Redang is the Island I'd recommend you to go for a relaxing vacation. The freshness of the air, and the virgin forest and sea was just splendour. Even when everyone else were fast asleep in the ferry on our way to the Island, I had squatted on the seat to look out at the breathtaking scene before me. (I had to squat on the seat as the windows were a tad too high for me..*wink wink*). Amin of coz, was sleeping soundly along with everyone else.

As we arrived earlier than the check-in time, Amin and I decided to stretch out at the beach. One of the very first thing I noticed about the beach is the fineness of the sand, and how pasty white they were. I took off my shoes and my feet simply sink into the sand with much pleasure.

The second day of our stay, we went snorkelling. The boat trip was quite unpleasant, both of us were quiet seasick due to the heavy swaying. But once we got into the cool water and started to swim around and gazed at the beautiful corals and colourful fishes, we kinda forgotten it all. The fishes were quite tamed, swimming around us in that friendly manner. Amin even saw Nemos among those other marine life. Alas, I got tired and wanted to go back to the boat after almost half an hour in the water.

(There was this incident that happened when we were snorkelling, but I'd have to get Amin's permission before I can write about it in here. Hehe..a funny one I tell you. Ayu, I'm sure you would love to hear about it. *wink wink*)

I felt like our 3days 2nights at the island simply wasn't enough. I definitely would love to go back there once the opportunity present itself. *hubby, it's a hint*

Till then, I guess I'd just have to be satisfied with memories of it.

~The Urban Factor~

A Wedding Entry...NOT!
11:51 AM

I realized that up until now, I didn't post any entry about my wedding. I got tired of the wedding to tell you the truth, coz that was the MAIN thing that occupied my time like almost a year before the event took place.

Besides, those small numbers of you who read my blog probably attended the wedding, thus I could say that the event speaks for itself la kan.

Anyway, here's some of the pictures I got from my wedding photographer ; most are of the Nikah Ceremony (since I cannot upload the pics here due to server error, I'll just give the link) Entry title : Baizurah + Amin : Nikah Ceremony.

~The Urban Factor~

The Rambling Of A Wife..
4:35 PM

Yes. I'm a married woman now.

How does it make me feel, being married I mean. Well, there are changes but thankfully things are not changing too drastically. Of coz now that we're married, Amin and I has more responsibility toward each other. Every weekend is reserved for him now as we're still living apart - me in KL while Amin in Penang.

The first week of our marriage, I felt as if I was dreaming. The sweetest dream I've ever had in my entire life(yeah yeah! sounds corny I know). I couldn't believed that I was married to this man I've come to know and love for as long as I could remember. Ooopss..a bit exxagerating there, it's actually 6+ years of courting before we finally tied the knot.

As of today, it's been 19 days of our marriage. Everything's still looking and feeling sweet like honey. Still in honeymooning mood la katakan.

Last Friday, I cooked my first complete meal as a wife. The very2 first meal was actually sambal sotong I cooked at mum in-law's which somehow turned into "sotong masak hitam", so that doesn't count la..haha. Anyway, that Friday morning after he arrived, we did our shopping for groceries at the stores near home. Then, I started slicing all the ingredients for chicken curry while Amin clean the chicken. Rajin jugak rupanya suami aku ni.

The next day, after lunch we went out to buy some basic furnitures for the room. I tell you, it was much fun to actually build your life together, from zero. Yeah it was hard, with me having no transportation and he didn't bring his car here, so we had to depend on public transport i.e cab/buses/lrt. But then it makes us closer to each other and people do say that you'd appreciate something when you don't get it easily. Sometimes when our destination is just a few blocks away (15-20 minutes walk) we'd just walk down the street holding hands. Waa I tell you, I feel like a school girl in love! -Yone, if ur reading this I know you'd be laughing like crazy. Hehe...

Being a wife now, the thing that I enjoy most is being able to call him "suami saya" when speaking of him among friends. As a newlywed, I tend to chat a lot about my husband with colleagues and they simply smile and listen to what I've got to say. Newlywed la katakan...

But I'm sure all of those are only a small portion of what marriage life is all about. There'd be ups and downs I know. And I'm determined to go through it all with patience and perseverence to make everything works out okay.

So tata for now!! :-)

~The Urban Factor~