Salesman Yang Tak Paham Bahasa!
3:06 PM

I'm the kinda girl who has verrrryyyy lil patience with sales person...especially if the sales person is the type yang "tak paham bahasa". It does not matter at all if the sales person is my very own friend, but if they keep on pushing and pushing me to do/join/buy something that i have no intention to do/join/buy, i could then lose my patience easily.

So...where do i start...

Aha, my experience this time is with my ex university mate, or to be more own studio mate when i was doing my bachelor. Let's call him Mr. Pushy.

Okie, Mr Pushy and I, we've actually lost contact for quite some time after graduation. Suddenly a couple of months back he started to call me. At first i thought his intention was sincere, u know, to keep in touch again with a long - lost friend. I was overjoyed. I enjoyed talking and gossiping with him. Until....

UNTIL he started to talk about this product and asking me to join or at least buy some of those stuff they offered. I never had much interest in this multi level i politely declined his invitation by giving him subtle hints implying that i'm just not interested in it. I thought he understood.

Then he called me again. Telling me that he was just around my house and he wanted to come have dinner with me. I was at Penang then, so i said sorry i couldn't make it. Some other time maybe. But i was honoured that he came all the way just to see an old friend. I never thought there was to be a hidden agenda behind this visit.

A few days after that, he called again...and by then i already knew what his intention was as he's already went to see my housemate and sold her some stuff that he said would improve her health. Knowing the truth, i tried to avoid him time and time again until there was this one time when i couldn't avoid him anymore. It was only then that i agreed to see him...

We met that night around 9:30 pm immediately upon me arriving home from work. I didn't even get to go up and change clothes. But what the hell, i just wanted to get it over and done with. He came with a team of sales people, carrying their lil black bag and a stack of papers that i didn't even care to glance through. The other guy - i could tell that he was their "sifu" from the way he manipulates the conversation from small talks into the bussiness talk- was all nice and smiley...and SUPRISE! he knew so much about me.U'uh, i thought! Here comes a situation where i'd have to try verrrryy verrrryyy hard to control my impatience and anger so that i won't try to insult him in front of everyone (i tend to do that A LOT with salesman u know, can't help it!)

So that night he talked and talked and talked and i did everything but listening to what he said. I mean i pretended to listen, and nodded whenever i think appropriate. But most of the time, i just daydreamed and texting my friends and fiance (who at that time was still my boyfriend). Then at around 11 pm, i told them that i was already darn tired and i have to go to work early the next day, so if they'd excuse me...and they said "okie...nice meeting u..sorry for the inconvenience we might've caused bla bla bla" and i just smiled and said it was okay....

And i thought that was the end of it....

Boy! Was i ever more wrong. Mr. Pushy still kept on calling me even after i brushed him off that night. Maybe becoz i wasn't firm enough. He thought that he could still manipulate me into this thing. And i'm getting more annoyed by each calls..

Today, he called while i was doing lunch. I told him that i was busy. Then i text him, telling him AGAIN that i'm not interested in this thing. And i just can't believe Mr. Pushy's guts! He just wouldn't give up!!

This is his reply to the text i sent him : " Adakah anda bekerja stp hari krn minat?Sbg cth adakah seorang cikgu & kerani bkrja krn minat?kebanyakannya krn mncari rezeki, sama spt perniagaan E---n, slps anda mengetahui potensinya dlm mncari keuntungan, sdh tentu anda akn memupuk minat trhdp perniagaan ini. Wht did u really knw bout E---n?U dun even gif urself a chnce to get to knw it n dat's y u r saying x minat.How do we know which author is great?We HAD read their books!!".

Can u believe this man???? He talked like a sleazy salesman!!And as u can see, he used my passion for books to umpan me in his argument! I just had enough with him. I texted him back...and telling him that i'm trying hard not to be rude but he's really testing my patience, and i'm just gonna tell him one last time and i dun wanna have to say it again to him so help me God! I'm NOT INTERESTED!!!! PLEASE!

P/S : If he tries it again, he's just gonna get a blow from me that'll crippled him for the rest oh his live. Seriously.

~The Urban Factor~