Friday Blues???
3:08 PM

Gosh. PROCRASTINATE. Dah lama penyakit ni tak melanda...Now it comes back with a vengeance.

For the whole week..I'd been feeling lazy and sleepy + tired. Sampai ja ofis, checked my email then i'll blog hop. Lepas tu started to feel sleepy yang tak tertahan and I just had to take a nap. Tak boleh tidak. The sleepiness is like nothing I've ever experienced before. Memang ngantuk yang takleh nak angkat eyelids langsung.

Went to a clinic Last Tuesday with mak and Emi as all three of us had a fever. Jangkit from abang la nih. Masa check tu, doc said that 1 more week and my pregnancy will be full term already. So she advised me to be prepared as I could deliver anytime from then onwards. Omigosh! I do hope it won't be soo soon though I do have this feeling like "please, takmo pregnant dah. Tak larat!"...

Anyway, mak went back to Penang this morning as the twins will be registering into their new respective schools on Monday. I'm sure my parents were torn between going to send off Akbar or Abidin. But since Akbar's school is nearer to home both parents decided to send Abidin while Pakchak, Makchak and Pah will send off Akbar to Balik Pulau. Mak has plan to visit Akbar the next day tapi taktau la boleh ka tak. She'll be coming back to KL on Wednesday afternoon to keep me company till end of the month (the time when I'll start my loooong holiday. Yippee!!.)

Nowadays, everything I do jadi serba tak kena. I feel sooo uncomfortable most of the time. The band of my kain or pants always feel too taut and stiff on my ever-so-bulging tummy while my t-shirt feels too heavy on my chest. Baby's movement's hurting my ribs...pedih skit as dia banyak stretching rather than kicking nowadays. I can't seem to breathe properly, my chest feels constricted most of the time. I guess at 35 weeks, baby still hasn't engage as I can feel the solid lump right under my chest.

I don't feel like doing much talking. Not even with hubby. I don't know why, just thinking on topics of conversation can tire me out these days.

Walaupun begitu, when I heard that mak, yong and auntie Zee plan to visit Cha in Melaka next weekend, saya masih ada hati nak ikut depa okay. Of coz, keinginan saya terpaksa ditahan because we're afraid I might deliver in the car if I do follow them jalan sana jalan sini. Hahaha. I even secretly wished to stop by Abidin's school in Taiping later when we go back to Penang for my delivery, but mak already said before that abah didn't favour the idea as the road leading towards the school is hilly.

Ah..before it escapes my mind, been receiving quite a number of comments from you guys on the post "My emotional 34th week checkup". Thanks a lot for all your concern and prayers k. Yone siap called me after she read it, and offered her ears if ever I need to talk to someone. As she put it, "I'm just a phone call away"..Hahaha...Thanks cuzzy!

Btw, I wanted to post pictures of these feeding bottles I bought for my darling as I told Yone before but the pic's in laptop at home. Well, if the wireless connection is tip top tonite then I just might be able to do it.

Till the next one, take care people. Have a blast weekend!

~The Urban Factor~

11:11 PM

Went to a wedding at P*KNS B*angi this afternoon. Sesat2 eventhough the site for one of my projects is just beside it. Berkali2 pi pon still tak hafal jalan. But sesat2 pon we arrived there dalam kesesatan. Haha..

So here's some pics taken at the wedding..tak banyak pon. We were in a hurry to get back as hubby and the brothers were to go back to Penang after that.

The boys with pengantin. The groom is hubby's friend since skolah menengah until university.

Us with the couple.

Us at the dais. Tringin nak kawin skali lagi hubby said. Haha...Nak redo acceptable, jangan nak lagi sudah... ;-p

~The Urban Factor~

Entry sambungan..
11:36 PM

Just a quick update:

1) Been to Ampang Putri today to see the hematologist. She did the normal routine blood test that I've been asked to do before, just to check the iron count. It cost me double of what it usually did, of coz la kan..what do u expect dah nama pun "pakar". Such a waste of money and time. Sigh....
The result from the specialist : "Nothing to worry lah. Just continue with ur Iberet Folic intake -iron count dah naik sikit since I've started taking it for the past 3 days - and come and check again before u go back to Penang kay". (Proven that Doc Rozita [Penang] knows what she does after all). Btw, Abang A'a, to answer your question. Hematologist tu pakar darah. And yes, I totally agree with you. That's the best word to describe her...

2) After seeing the doctor, I went to Ampang Point for lunch. Tak tahan lapar. And without planning to...terbuat some last minute shopping la pulak. Tengah sedih2...memang soothing la retail therapy ni kan. Ahaks..
Neway, here's some stuff that I got for the darling...(totally unnecessary tapi tak tahan. Cute! Nafsu membeli orang pompuan..hehehe)

Apakah mengarutnya dah siap beli fan utk stroller. Hubby will definitely get mad ni, buang duit hehehehe

Cute lah romper ni...I like! And yang 5 pieces in 1 pack tu murah okay, I just had to get it.

Handkerchief ni pon cute..memula ingatkan bibs rupanya handkerchief. Beli jugak la...time baby kecik banyak nak guna kan ;-p

Well, this is me masa 7 months pregnant. Tak berapa nak nampak kan...macam gelap skit. Time ni I already weighed 58kg. Yeah yeah I know memang HUGE ;-p

Perut terlindung di sebalik cardiganz..nanti la esok lusa I take clearer pics. Lani dah memang bertambah bulat perotku..hehehe

3) After my retail theraphy, tunggu la cab kat depan Ampang Point nak balik umah. Man, people there memang takdak adab. Everyone asyik jump queue..some of them rebut eventhough u've already open the taxi door. Anyway, while I was standing in the heat of that evening..this one sweet and kind young lady (nampak mcm student Uni) came up to me and asked where I was going. I told her my destination and she said she'd hail a cab for me. Dia kata kecian tengok I. A few of the cabbies refused to go where I wanted to go so I told her to go ahead and take the cab for herself. She refused. Still insisted that she'd help me. Lepas I dapat cab (with her help) baru la I saw her hailing another cab for herself and hew other friends.

Terharu sangat saya, ada jugak public yang still have that good value in them. Bukannya nak kata takdak dah tapi tak ramai especially here in KL. Masa i was waiting for cab tu ada yang siap berebut with me, with my big tummy and all. I bukak pintu belakang, she (cina bukit) bukak the passenger door. Dahla potong queue..hangin betul saya. @#&*&(^)!#$%^^!

4)Oh, btw...the twins both dapat MRSM. Sorang Balik Pulau and the other one Taiping. Seronok sungguh depa. :-0


~The Urban Factor~

My Emotional 34th Week Checkup
10:03 AM

I wanted to write about my 34th checkup earlier but since i was fuming mad with my gynae, I decided against writing it down at that moment. This is to avoid from creating an entry full of swear words and stuff, coz then I would not be setting good example for the baby kan.

Anyway, hubby and I went for my now once-in-every-two-weeks checkup last Saturday. As hubby arrived in KL around 7 that morning and we knew the doc won't be in until 9, we thought of having a nap first. It was already planned that we’d be going there earlier in the morning so that we can have more time to spend at home. However, both of us ended up waking at almost 11am. Then after both of us got ready at around 12pm, I wanted to have lunch (or rather brunch) first as I was starving. Tau la pregnant lady kan, tak makan kalau mula la nak pitam la itu la ini.

Anyway, after lunch we straight away took a cab to the hospital (hubby came to KL by bus this week). Upon arriving, we waited for the doc to finish with her other patients. After about half an hour I was called to do the common procedures, urine test, weighing and such. Oh, btw I now weighs 60 kg (gasp!) and baby's weight is already 2.6kg (double gasp!!). Nampak macam there's no chance to deliver a baby who weighs less than 3kg lah..(ni semua wishful thinking gara2 takut sakit la nih kalau baby besar). Owh!takpala as long as he's healthy...

Moving on with the story. Once masuk dalam bilik doc, I saw that she didn't look very happy with me. Before that during my weighing procedures, her maknya assistant (ch*n*se aunty) did asked whether I've been for my hematology appointment and I told her : no, I haven't. So I guess she already informed the doc, thus the reason for her to be unhappy with me.

It was apparent that my guess was correct as upon sitting down the first thing she asked was whether I've been to see the Hematologist as per instructed. I said no, I couldn't get appointment on two Saturdays already, they wanted me to go on weekdays only. I said I wasn't free on weekdays, and hubby's not here bla bla bla.

Then the doc started to get angry with me. She told me in quite a harsh tone of voice not to be too dependant on hubby and all. Said that I didn't take my pregnancy seriously. Also said that she was sure I didn't even plan before I got pregnant, bodo-bodo went into it (her exact sentence okay i'm not exaggerating). Dia marah teruk gak la, melarat sampai cakap what if i mati time deliver, do i want that to happen bla bla bla...

Wah doc, itu suda lebih. Nak marah pun biarla ada limit. I know la it's my fault that I didn't went to see the hematologist like u asked me to. But no need lah to scold me like I'm a 3 year old kiddo who stole her friend's toys or something.

The thing is, with this gynae..hubby and I do have a lil bit of doubt about her motive :

1) I told her ever since the first visit that there's a high probability that I wouldn't be delivering the baby there, coz I wanna do it in Penang. So we suspect that she's trying to get as much money as she can from us during every checkup.

My 1st argument : Most people I know don't do blood test more than twice. Tapi saya nih dah nak dekat 4-5 kali asyik buat blood test ja. Of coz, each test cost us hundreds of RM.

My 2nd argument : She knew my iron count was low when I was in my 6-7 months of pregnancy lagi, but didn’t prescribed me the vitamins for anemia in pregnancy. Sebaliknya saya hanya diberi Pramilet, which is a common vitamins for ALL pregnant women, regardless of their iron count. She just doubled the dosage. After hubby (finally) made a call to my doc in Penang asking her opinion on my condition, she asked us to get the Iberet Folic from pharmacy, and I found out that while Pramilet only contains 5mg of iron per tablet, the Iberet Folic contains 105mg of that same substance. And yes, just as u’d think, Pramilet (as bought in her clinic) cost more than the Iberet Folic. Maka kesimpulannya, ignorant kah doc aku ni? *think think*
2) Call me racist, but I'd trust a malay gynae’s ketulusan dan keikhlasan more than I would other races. And this lady, she's not a malay. So go figure. (Again, sorry for the racism).
3) I'm quite sure there are many of us out there who got married and got pregnant without actually planning the whole thing in detail. The plan just form as the pregnancy progress. After all it's our first child, and we're not doctors who've been exposed to these sorts of things during our study years. We learn as we go along.
4) Says who I don't take this pregnancy seriously. For your info you sweet doc, I did go to birthing class and I did lots and lots of reading on my pregnancy. And yes, I did know about the cord blood banking even before you hand me the fliers. (I saw the documentary about it on TV3 many, many months ago okay).

Every time something happen to me I'd start doing research on the cause and effect of it on me and the baby. Tak caya tanya la my colleague. Sometimes I think I do more than most people I know, who spend more time and money on buying baby stuff rather than concentrating on the pregnancy itself.
5) How can she say I'm too dependent on my hubby when the fact is I've been going through most of the pregnancy (8 months now) all by myself?

Let’s see :

1st trimester : Muntah2 everyday (not just morning but evening as well), no one was there to rub my back or hold my hands to make me feel better. Masa I craved for things to eat, I was here all alone. Paling kuat boleh buat pun I cried if the cravings got too overwhelming. Tak lalu makan: no one to pujuk me to eat or buy me foods to booze my appetite. I had to do all that by myself.

2nd trimester : When I had this terrible cramp and thought it was due to sciatica, I had to endure it by myself. Terhencut-hencut lah pi klinik sensorang. Crying alone due to the unbearable pain. Started to pitam2. Pitam lah sorang2..pandai-pandai la saya bawak diri. Then, starting to enjoy my 2nd trimester more and more coz I could feel the baby doing flip flops in my tummy. Who did I share the joy with? NO ONE, I smiled and laughed alone.

3rd trimester : When I was admitted into the hospital due to bleeding I was sent there by my house mate, not hubby coz he was in Penang. I spent the night alone in the ward, had to hold my tears and be strong. Only Allah knows how scared I was that I might go into an early labor and had to do it alone without anyone by my side. That was the worst moment in my life, having to go through something I’ve had no previous experience and knowledge of, all by myself.

But it’s okay, I understand our situation where hubby can't be there for me all the time coz he's got to be in Penang. I tried to be strong for the baby's sake, tak mau sedih2 as people say that your emotions during pregnancy can affect your baby's emotion as well. Even when my bro in law first went to Pakistan, hubby said that he’d skip coming here for some (alternate) weekends as dia kesian his mom, knowing how sad she’d be when both her sons are not around with her. God knows how badly I needed hubby to be here with me, to share as much we could of these final months of my pregnancy. Tapi takpala, syurga dia kan bawah tapak kaki ibu.

So doc, considering all those things that I’ve had to go through during these past 8 months, takkan la I'm not allowed to manja sikit pun ngan my own husband. AFTER ALL I'M A PREGNANT LADY. PREGNANT LADIES TEND TO BE SENSITIVE kan. Takkan a lady like yourself, having 3-4 kids of your own couldn’t even understand that.

What hurt me is not the fact that she scolded me, but it’s the harsh words that she used and the way she tried to put all the blame on me.

Anyway, since that last checkup I got kinda tawar hati to follow up with her again. Nevertheless, since I'm already 8 months along, there's no choice for me but to continue seeing her. It's too late to change doctor dah pun. I just pray so bad that I'd make it in time to deliver in Penang as per our plan. From my few visits with her, I have this impression that my doc in Penang is more helpful and sincere in dealing with us. Besides, she's a Muslim doc and I'm more comfortable with the idea of her delivering my baby.

So everyone..please, please pray that I will make it in time and able to deliver my darling boy with Doc Rozita in Penang. If God permits...

~The Urban Factor~

A Song For My Boys..
10:59 PM

Dengar lagu ni tiba-tiba rasa chenta sangat kat hubby and the darling in my tummy... ;-p

Cinta adalah anugerah yang Kuasa
Sang bila terasa betapa indahnya
Sungguh lemah diriku
Tak berarti hidupku
Bila tak ada dirimu

Andai ku bisa akan ku balas
Semua yg pernah engkau berikan
Terima kasih dariku
Atas ketulusanmu
Menyayangi diriku

Aku ada karena kau pun ada
Dengan cinta
Kau buat diriku hidup selamanya

Aku ada karena kau pun ada
Dengan cinta
Kau buat diriku hidup selamanya

Andai ku bisa akan ku balas
Semua yang pernah engkau berikan
Terima kasih dariku
Atas ketulusanmu
Menyayangi diriku

~The Urban Factor~