Happily Ever After??
1:47 PM

Is there a difference between long distance love and long distance marriage?

Through my chit chats with some friends, some go with the opinion that if u can handle a long distance love, u could surely manage a long distance marriage as well. But there are also many people out there who would think twice, or even thrice before they'd get caught in a long distance marriage.

What about me??

Oh, I don't know. I'm just torn in between. People kept on giving me the "U-better-make-sure-u-live-with-him-once-you're-married-or-you'll-regret-it" kinda advice. Sometimes I get scared thinking that the same thing happened to the 2 most important people in my life, will happen to me and to my marriage (if I ever get married..eyes rolled). There were times when I get so scared thinking that history will be repeated, I vowed that I'll never get married.

But then again, I'm cool with my current long distance relationship now. So, won't it be the same after I get married?

I admit that I soo wish to live with my hubby after I get married. Who wouldn't want to have a life fill with love? Who wouldn't dream of being together with your darling at all times? Oh. How wonderful it would be to plan and do things together, being able to lavish him with all the love you have to give and vice versa; and start your own family.

But people don't always get what they wish for. That's the way life goes.

I keep on telling myself, if I were fated to have a long-distance marriage, then I'll have to try my very best to make the marriage works. I remind myself not to think of only what I want and expect him to fulfill my every needs, but to give and take.

My mind's explanation to my stubborn heart is very simple :

Everyone has got their own priorities. Yours might be to be with him at all times, to spend your days together until you grow old. But what about his priorities?? What about his wants and needs? Don't you realize that he might have other responsibilities back home? Don't you want to be supportive of his decision?If you want the marriage to be all about you and what you want, then I'm afraid you'll just have to say goodbye to him now. Because a marriage works ONLY if there's understanding between two people, ONLY if u learn to give and take.

Hmm...so I guess I have to strengthen myself mentally before I can decide to get married. Or else...

P/S : What's ur opinion on this topic guys?Do enlighten me..please.

~The Urban Factor~

Hillary Duff or Hillarious Duh!
10:51 AM

Couple of nites ago, I really had nothing to do...I turned on the TV, and there was this movie "Cinderalla Story" starring Hillary Duff. Through out the movie, yes I did call my girl (some of u guys know who)and sent out some short messages.
All of a sudden it hits me..."Hey, this Hillary Duff girl looks familiar".....then I remembered where I've seen this face.....
At the end of the movie, "si dia" pon telepon la....so I just asked her "yah...yah...yah rasa² kan....muka hillary duff ni ada tak macam...."...i din know wat was her reaction then, tapi nak cover la tu..."Merepek!!" katanya....well guys...please do correct me if I'm wrong...orang penang kata "mata spark" ka apa aku tak tau la...hahahaha....They do have the resemblance rite? Please komen "yes" atau "no"...hehehe

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