Dinner at Bagan
1:22 PM

Early this week, hubby's big boss came down to Penang, all the way from China. It was a big deal to all of them, as they'll go through meetings, reviews, team building and such - finally FACE TO FACE, when all these while correspondance had been through video conference. Anyway, to celebrate Roger coming down, on Thursday night they organized a dinner at Bagan. Theme is - beach night.

Let me first, give a little background on this place :

A bungalow along Jalan Bagan Jermal was chosen to house BAGAN. A place where one can unwind to impress and to rendezvous in an ambience of class and style. Bagan provides a spacious lounge, dining area, with a capacity of 100 pax. The physical layout of BAGAN was constructed in such a unique setting that a whole evening can be spent here. In such, diners can savour their favourite wine or drink from the extensive wine and drink list. Snacks are a plenty in choice for those who want a drink and have a light eat before dinner. For dinner, proceed to the dining area and experience the mouth watering dishes painstakingly prepared by our chefs. For the romantic, private dining is available upon reservation. For after dinner drinks, diners and drinkers have a choice to sit back and enjoy latin, jazz, retro and easy listening songs or proceed to the lounge which is equipped with a pool table. Here, those who enjoy a cigar with their wine as well as those who love to nibble on cheese while they enjoy their wine can do so with sheer indulgence due to the choice that is available.

(Taken from their webpage)

Anyway, Mr Hubby has a friend who's involve in the snake-show business. Hayat is his name and apparently Hayat is quite good in it that he gets to sign contract with a few hotels around Penang to do shows with them. Mr. Hubby did accompanied him on a few occasions and he said Hayat and his snakes would sure catch anyone's attention wherever they go. So let's see this guy in action :

Hayat and snake

Aik??Suami sapa taktau?? *lol*

Boss kecik - Mr. Amin : isk isk matching pulak seluar dan ular

The big bosses - from left Sai Khun, Roger Lin (China boss) and Soon Tat
Beraninya minah ni kan?kan?

I think my husband should've won the best dress category (sadly they didn't have one) as he's the only one I see wearing a beach-like costume. Siap berkobar-kobar shop for the shirt and seluar geli-geli (his fav) okey! The rest, pakai jeans and T-Shirt ja pun. Anyway, he got a gift for best driven / performance something-something lah. What did he get? A Samsung DVD Player. Just a simple one. So our old Philips bole la send to mak's house since hers is broken. :-D

Mr. Hubby came back quite late that night, at almost 12! I'm sure when they put up the pics in Facebook later, he'd comment on it : "Foodwise, I've tasted better, but it was a night full of FUN!" :-p

P/S : If anyone interested to book Hayat and his snake to perform, u can call him at 016-4753279. Please note that I'm not being paid to do this okey.

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