Don't you worry my dear, you really are gonna be fine...
8:49 AM

One of my dear friend is currently going through such a trying time.Sadly, I can't be there for her coz we live far from each other. After doing some thinking, I thought that I'd write a short entry for her in here...with hope that it will make her feel at least a lil' bit better.


I know it's hard for you to accept the fact that the man you love (or loved) squashed your hope of ever getting back together again. I knew that all these while, when u were saying that u've moved on and that u were no longer stuck on the thought of him, it was all just wishful thinking. I know, you wanted so badly to be able to forget him and that's the reason why u tried to fool urself over and over again, tried to made ur heart believe that u no longer cared for him.

But u see, heart can't easily be deceived. Because to most of us ladies, when it comes to the matters of the heart, our emotions constantly overrule our wisdom and rationality. I know this coz I've gone through the same things many times before and each time, it felt like the world has ended for me. But every time, i told myself to look around me and open my eyes wider; when I finally did I was able to see that the world has yet much more beautiful things to offer. And I was glad that I'm still given a chance to explore the splendour that life offers me.

I know what ur thinking now. U must think that all these are easier said than done. Yes, it's true and i truly agree with that. But one thing that i did and it works for me everytime, is to try to look deep inside u and ask yourself what is the one thing that makes it so hard for you to stop caring for him. Make your evaluation then and try to deal with it.Ask yourself Ayu, ask yourself whether he's worth the tears u've cried and the times u spent feeling miserable. Could it be that u r just hanging on a flight of imagination and fantasy that he'll be the perfect man for you while in reality u two r not even compatible. I'm saying this not to make u feel worse. It's to make you see that sometimes ur dream man does not necessarily have to be the perfect man for you. You keep on dreaming and dreaming about him and how beautiful ur relationship could turn out to be, until u forgot to enjoy life and all the beautiful things it offers you; a simple act of love from those who truly love you and the beautiful companionship they offer. I hope u realize that these things are much more important to u; these are the things that'll make life worth living.Not a love that didn't turn out the way u hoped it would.

I'm sorry if what i said here sounds a bit harsh to u..but i love you my friend. And i dun want to see u shattered because of one guy. This is reality, this is what u have to face and deal with yourself. Of coz, there are people around u who'll try their best to make u feel better. But until u decide to forget it and move on, no one could really make u do it.

One advise that i'd like to give u; always think highly of yourself. Not to the point of being stuck up, but enough so that u'd appreciate yourself more.Because ur the best of His creations, and u the deserve the best in life. Maybe the best thing for both of u (IM and u) are not each other, that's why fate didn't allow u two to be together. Until u meet the right one for you, just go on living ur life to the fullest. And know this : there are many of us who loves you and it saddened us to see u hurting like this.

Take ur time to mourn, coz a deep wound needs time to heal. It's okay to cry, and to have a proper mourn so that u'll heal nicely and fully. And when ur done mourning, i know u'll be back on your feet as an even stronger person. The one we all love so much.

Patiently, I'll wait for that girl to resurface... :-)

~The Urban Factor~