Of birthday and being pregnant still.
9:27 PM


Alhamdulillah. I'm sooooo full today. Celebrated hubby's birthday tonite (pic ada satu ja dalam kamera fon abidin, will be posted later insyaAllah) as I'm not sure if we'd be able to do it on his actual date of birth, which is on the 19th this month. The EDD given for me to give birth is 16th, tapi usually seldom lah women give birth on the exact EDD kan. Anyway, as the twins (they're at home for school holiday) were out with friends to the mall today, I asked Abidin to buy ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins, a set of KFC and a birthday card. Konon2 nak surprise la tapi they were talking loudly about the cake, hubby pun overheard and suspected that we were doing a surprise for him. And then, when I was in the kitchen with Abidin to light up the candle on the cake, Mak pulak pi pecah lobang to him cakap "Takdak nyanyi2 ka?"...Cet!My surprise was spoilt. But hubby was happy with it anyway. :-)

I've becomed Garfield-like nowadays. My routine is like this : wake up in the morning and siap2 to go back to my mum's house. Woke hubby up to get ready for work. He sent me off to rumah mak before he went to work. Sampai, eat breakfast then sleep till almost noon. Then got up for shower (lambat gila mandi!) and prayer etc. Help a liiiiiiiittle bit with housework (depends on my mood for the day), then around 3pm tidoq balik. Got up around 4pm, watch TV, call hubby asking what time he'll be home. Watch TV some more. Mandi at around 6.30pm. Hubby arrived at 7.30pm/8pm, make some drinks for him. Then off to MIL's house to spend the night.

And the routine repeats itself day after day.

It's been only 2 weeks and I've already gotten tired of doing nothing. Dunno lah, maybe once the baby's here I won't feel bored anymore.

On pregnancy, I'm in my 39 weeks already. I've got until the end of the week till the due date. No contraction yet. No pain, no show. But I did had diarrhea on Sunday. We all thought that it was THE SIGN tapi nothing happened after that.

Baby's still active as usual, actually even more than before. It's like he's trying to enjoy his last moments in the comfort zone before getting thrown out into this world.

I'm still scared of how it's gonna be like. The pain and everything. And I still can't visualize the moment of me becoming a momma. It all still feels surreal to me.

I guess that's enough update for the time being. My back hurts duduk lama2 depan pc nih. I hope Ayu's satisfied with this entry ah...I'll update more lepas deliver nanti kot. ;-)

Till then, wish me luck guys. And pray for me and the baby kay.

~The Urban Factor~