Liar, liar, pants on fire!
11:04 AM

I envy those out there who seems to be able to write effortlessly while able to maintain a massive number of readers for every entry they wrote.

I love writing. I write not because I ever dream of being a writer, journalist or what not. I write because I love seeing my thoughts printed out neatly on a piece of parchment (or in this case, a blogging page) for times when I might want to look at it again. Now, being the blog addict that I am like many of you out there, I find enormous satisfaction in stalking other blogs. Sometimes I read blogs to find inspriration, other times just to learn what others have to say on certain issues. Many times I read blogs just because it's an easier and cheaper ways to fulfill my cravings to read something.

Anyway, earlier this morning as I was surfing through some very interesting blogs, I came upon this issue where it's said that most of us bloggers are liars. Here goes the exact paragraph :

“Bloggers are liars. They use all sort of ways to cheat others. From what I know, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.“Bloggers like to spread rumours, they don’t like national unity. Today our country has achievements because we are tolerant and compromising. Otherwise we will have civil war.“Malays will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indians will kill everybody else.”He asked people not to believe bloggers and gamble away Malaysia’s future because 50 years of Merdeka (Independence) takes a lot to achieve it.“We have to show to the people our positive attitude. If the world learns from us, there will peace and no civil war."

Oh well. I've to admit this, I did included certain lies in my writings whenever I blog. MY intention - I assure you - isn't to deceive but I only wanted to make my writings readable.Come on, u've got to agree with me that no one would want to read about a simple boring life lead by a simple girl, whose routine is to wake up in the wrong side of the bed every morning, feeling lousy about the day ahead. People have enough of their own problems without having to read about others'.

Thus, sometimes I'd love to let my imagination runs wild so that I can write about some dwarves who managed to win Sleeping beauty's love and affection rather than write about how suck my life is at the moment. There were times when I might be jotting furiously about how a friend whom I thought was dear to me, backstabbed me in the end, but even then I might twist the story a lil just to make it sounds more dramatic - I can't help it okay! Being the drama queen that I am.

So, that's the way it's always been and gonna be. I've no intention whatsoever to "gamble away Malaysia’s future" so please don't held me responsible if the Malays kill the Chinese, the Chinese kill the Malays, and the Indians kill everybody else.”

I rest my case.

~The Urban Factor~

5:39 PM

I'm so easily tired out nowadays. Can you believe it, last night I slept peacefully for more than 12 hours. Yeah yeah I know that those of you who knows me well definitely knows that saya ni memang kaki tidoq pun.

But then again, I'm also a light sleeper and most of the nights I'd get jolted up a few times in the middle of the night. Tapi semalam was different, I slept so soundly like a baby and when I woke up it was already like 2am.

Other than that, I've also become kinda quiet. I could survive without talking to anyone for a whole day at the office. Concerned friends kept on asking what's wrong and why is it that half the time I look as if I was going to cry. I told them that I was okay, that nothing's wrong with me. However, someone suggested that maybe I was under stress but I just didn't realized it.

I guess she's right.

Thinking back, I started to feel this way eversince I got move into this new dept. So besides having to deal with pre-wedding anxiety, now I also have to deal with work-related strain. At times, I just feel like shouting "Enough is Enough!!", abandoning whatever it is I was doing and be done with it. But think again, what would happen after that? What would I do and who would I become? What would my life be like if I abandon all of these?

Like people say, apa-apa pun jadi life must go on..

Anyway, last weekend was pleasant as I had a retail theraphy - buying all those books at the MPH warehouse sale at PJ section 13. The place was packed with thousand of people and dalam pada keghairahan nak membeli tu we had to pick up whichever books we THOUGHT might be a wonderful read rather than looking thoroughly through it first. Like Yone said in her blog, this has to be the FIRST TIME ever that we judge a book by it's cover. :-) But so far, I'm quite satisfied with the purchases.

Semalam pulak, enjoyed my pleasant non-working day with Emi. We both took a leave and went to Putrajaya to request for a new birth cert as we lost ours. Then having done earlier than we thought we would, we spent times at IKEA, Ikano and the Curves..buying nothing much but strolling, talking and laughing. I never thought shopping could be so much fun. I just discovered that there's this blissful sentiment about it if u do your shopping during the times when other people are working their *$$ off. *wink wink*

That night, went to the house of makcik suka sembang at Taman Tun as Emi wanted to take her supplement. The aunty was so very friendly and chirpy, you would never feel out of place whenever you're around her. Even if it's the first time you two met. Makcik tu pulak, dah tak dapat nak kenen Emi ngan anak dia, nak kenenkan saya saya la plak. Hehehe..mallluuuu i. Unfortunately, saya pun dah nak kawin kalau tak dapat la jadik menantu makcik suka sembang. Hahaha, no offense ek Amin ;-p

~The Urban Factor~