The Long- Awaited Gift
9:34 PM

Upon request from Kak Rina, I'm putting up the pic of my very very verrrryy belated birthday present.

Before that, let me tell u just a short fairy tale regarding this. Mula2 dulu Mr. Hubby said that he'd get me an iPhone for my birthday, becoz my old phone malfunction (susu Irfan asyik tumpah ja dalam fon sampai rosak grrr) and I had to borrow my bro's phone. So he decided on iPhone because at that short period of time, I was drooling over the Macbook. Nak get a Macbook sooo not within our budget, so he decided on iPhone.

Since my sister is currently in Houston, he ordered the phone from her but we had to wait until mid January when her friend would be going over and thus could bring ti back for us. So I waited not-so-patiently lah for the day to come. But then early Jan when we checked again with kakak, some complication arised and she coudn't get it for us. Hubby decided, to get iPhone from here is so not worth it, so we'd go for other brand. Kakak did suggest Blackberry Storm (cantekkk) but it was not within our budget.

So after scouting and scouting around for a few weeks, I decided on this lil black number. It's not as stunning as the Blackberry or iPhone, but I love it. Thank you so much googly! :-D

Yeah it's Sony Ericsson. I used to be a big fan of Nokia, but since we're boycotting, terpaksa change to something else (Nokia is like one of the biggest contributor!if u haven't heard, so Mr. Nokia, eat your heart out!)

and it comes with this cute card reader, suka!

What I like about this phone aside from the slide design, is that it has an 8.1 mega pix camera (auto focus and xenon flash), that's good enough for a non-profesional photographer like me. And it has a sensor motion function, not forgetting the 'GPS to find your way' ahaks..Downside is, the sound is not as nice as the Walkman phone, but I can live with it.

So cayang, please don't put high expectation for your birthday gift plak k. Saya ni mana ada duit. Huhuhu.. (Yeah! yeah! I'm a bad wifey, so sue me). :-p

Some pix taken with the phone camera :

Irfan's newfound hobby is to point his fingers at EVERYTHING

Irfan in Mei-Tai while abah enjoying his taukua rendang

Having fun at the garden with maktok

The Zonan Factor