Pregnancy Progress
12:01 PM

(Warning : This post is intended as a record on my pregnancy progress. It might be dull to most of you, so I’m advice you to skip this if you have no interest on how I’m progressing.)

I’m in my 23 weeks of pregnancy now. The tummy’s starting to show…bulat skit la. But still I think I look more fat than pregnant. Been gaining weight quite steadily, banyak gak la since raya that day.

Anyway, the baby’s moving all the time now. Paling active di waktu pagi dan malam. Especially after I’ve had my breakfast and dinner. I love feeling him move that sometimes, when he didn’t, I’d prod my belly gently to make him move. Haha.. bad momma.

One of my favorite ways to tease hubby nowadays is to say “I miss you”..and when he said “I miss you too” I’d say “No la I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to baby”. ;-p That’d get him starting his lecture on how it’s imperative that I would not pamper the baby too much after he is born nanti. Hehehe…

Lately, I’ve been having more and more of the fainting spell (as I call it). It’ll start with me feeling not too well, rasa lenguh2 badan. Then after a while my head will start to feel heavy, sounds started to diminish all around me (sorta like block ears) I’d sweat heavily and after that all I could do is to lie down and willed it to go away quickly while praying that I won’t pass out. A couple of times, it happened (even) when I was sitting down at my desk. After a visit to the gynae that day, she told me that my BP is normal, thus she insisted that I go for blood test as soon as possible. (That’ll be this weekend InsyaAllah) .

Furthermore, I’ve been having this pulling / shooting pain at the back. Tapi only one side of goes from my right backside and the pain sort of shooting down the leg. At times it became so intense that I’d have to stay in whatever position I was in for such long minutes. The doctor said it’s due to the womb pushing against my spine to allow space for it to grow. And the spine is straightening up from its former curvy form. I got 2 days MC from the doc to just rest in bed and do nothing. Heaven okay.. hehehe…

Anyway, my current favorite pastime is to browse through pregnancy website to learn more on preggie stuff. Among my favourites are and . I don’t really buy (pregnancy) books this time, I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m thinking that money will be tight once this lil fellow comes out and with me taking my long unpaid leave to be with them (babe and hubby).

So while I was searching on issues regarding labour pain tadi, I came across this woman asking opinions on whether c-section is a good option as she’s extremely scared of labour pain. There are lots of different responses to this, some said that they’d had emergency c-section and some even opted for it, and though it was painful afterwards, it was okay for them as long as their baby is healthy. Others (narrow-minded women if u ask me) were strongly against it, saying that their kids were born via natural birth without any pain relief and it’s in their strong opinion that woman should not always take the easy way out. What’s frustrating to me is that some women who gave birth the natural way feels that they’re superior than those who take pain relief and opted for c-section and all. I mean you may be lucky that you’ve got a high pain tolerance, but you’ve gotta realize that others may not be as lucky as you are. It is in MY opinion that woman should be respected for whatever decision she made in delivering her baby into this world. It’s her body after all, you can talk all you want but she’s the one who knows her body better than anyone does. And in the end, she’s the one who has to go through it all. Talk is cheap. So stop bugging them and when your time comes, YOU can make your own decision on how you want it to be.

Okay. Beside the fainting spell and the shooting pain, another thing that bugs me during this 2nd trimester of pregnancy is that I’m becoming more anti-social than ever and I’m no fun to be around with anymore! I hate the idea of socializing with friends and I’d prefer to keep to myself most of the time. Stupid jokes would irritate me so much, and I can’t even pretend to laugh whenever friends come out with one. I’m becoming an expert in maintaining a stone face now. I know it’s bad, but I can’t help it okeh. *shrug*

Oh! Before I forget, I haven’t been to any antenatal classes yet. The hospital hubby planned for me to give birth at will have one in December 2nd, and I already put down my name for it. Hopefully it won’t be too late and I won’t be THAT huge as I’d be almost 7 months by then. (hah…wishful thinking la tu, I mean the not HUGE part). 

It’s almost time to go back now. Will update more when I have the time.

~The Urban Factor~