A Package from Houston
10:35 PM

This is an overdue entry. A few weeks ago, I ordered some baby gap and old navy clothing online, since it's cheaper than buying at the local boutique. My dear sis in Houston agreed to post it for me..and she too bought some oshkosh clothing for Irfan. thanks a lot kakak..Both Irfan and his mama love it! Especially the cuuuuuute PJ Set! :-D

jeng jeng jeng

thanks kakak!!

aunty nai...irfan likeeeey!!

Ayu..remember this shirt??I chose white lah in the end! :-p

And here comes my MOST FAVOURITE...jeng jeng jeng...


cute kan cute kan???I likeeee!

Thanks again kakak! I'm a happy ladyyy... :-D

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My cute red sling
10:04 PM

I first heard about babywearing when reading a friend's blog. It kinda appealed to me to wear my baby as Irfan always wanted to be held, especially at home when I do the household chores. Interested to know about it, I surf more websites to get more informations on this thing.

From my findings, I realized that there are some mommies out there who form a group malaysian babywearers and meet up/gathered every once in a while to learn the tricks and techniques to wear their baby.

I don't go to these gatherings, as yet. Being kinda busy with other things, I'm just beginning to learn a few tricks from a dear someone whom I met online, Ito.

This lady was so nice, she even voluntered to help buy a sling for me. With discount at that. So finally after getting precious informations from her, I decided to give it a try.

And I come to love it!

Ito, did I do it the correct way??

OMG! I'm so chubby! hehehe sempat lagi tu..Anyway, thsi is the sling I accidentally left at Jakel the other day. Luckily the staff found it and post it back to me after I called him..MILLION THANKS MR. IKRAM, u dunno how much it means to me. :-D

* For info on baby wearing, just google it kay. i'm kinda lazy to provide any links at the moment. hehe..

** I got this pouch from here. The price is reasonable and the pouch is very comfy. Well, so far Irfan loves it.

The Zonan Factor

Eventful Saturday
11:52 AM

I had an eventful weekend!

I dun think I've ever had such a weekend before. What's so different about it eh?

Well, let me story you..

On Saturday, as per plan Amin, Mak, Irfan and I went to Jakel in Sg. Petani. I think they call it A'lamoda to be precised. We've been there once before to buy material for my bro-in-law's wedding in May next year. The last time we went I didn't get the chance to buy the material i wanted for Yone's wedding, so I noted to myself that we were gonna visit that place again someday, so off we went lsat weekend.

Upon arriving, mak and I went crazy looking at all the new arrivals they had. Earlier on mak was saying that she doesn't know how to choose material anymore since abah had been doing all the buyings for quite sometime now. But once she set her eyes on those kain, all skills came back to her in a matter of a few seconds! haha..

So we chose and chose and chose. We toured the whole shop from ground floor to up and down again. Mak end up buying like..what?4 materials for herself and one for my aunty, and one carpet and another tikar for the house. I satisfied myself with a purple beaded chiffon that i've always craved for, and lilac lining and hubby got a purple sampin to wear with his two purple telok belanga for two different weddings in May next year. And I got for myself another material for azim's wedding..also in May next year, tho I wanted to get antoher chiffon but since mami yah was quite vague on the theme colors, so I bought a cheaper material instead.

The brown/beige polka dot material cost RM85, I find the design quite rare but it does look a bit gloomy ain't it? The design of the material that mak bought is more attractive but I dun haf the pictures of hers with me. The sampin cost RM100 after less, abah bought his (same design and material but different colour) in Jakel Jalan TAR for only RM70! But well, the transportation cost more compared to Sg. Petani, so I consider the price quite reasonable. And finally, the purple chiffon complete with satin lining cost (plus minus) RM390.

And then..guess what? In the middle of choosing materials, hubby came up to me and said they're going to lelong some materials. Listen to the DJ carefully and so we did. They opened it at RM8 for 4 metres, material named Bella Moda! Never had I fought my way through crowds before like I did on that way..memang main redah to take as many as we could (selepas diarahkan oleh sang suami dan mak). We took whatever we could and I think we ended up with about ten pieces or more of the RM8 and RM10 materials. Among those I managed to get for myself :

Trust me..for RM8, these kain are really a steal! Oh..now I realized that most of it are yellow, and I have like only ONE yellow hijab..so now I haf more reason to shop! :-p

All in all, guess how much we spent in Jakel alone ? RM1090.00! That's inclusive of all the other beautiful materials for mak, my aunty and MIL and the carpets and tikar.

I hafta say that this trip is really satisfying for me, and I'd definitely shop there again. But not in the near future lah. haha. Unless if Jakel wants to give me some very good deal for promoting their goods in here hahaha :-p

(Oh..I left my baby sling there, called up the customer service and a guy named Ikram said he'd find it and post it back to us. Hopefully I'll get it back coz it's verrryy precious to me)

Later on, after accompanying mak to buy some hijabs she needed to attend some wedding receptions in KL next week, we had our dinner at Pelita and off we went back home.

Irfan at Pelita..he was so excited and kept making cute faces at the mamaks there, hoping for some teh tarik in return?

Something real bad happened on the way back..we met with an accident just before we entered Penang Bridge. Hubby only realized that the brake wasn't working a few seconds before we were to stop at the Penang Bridge toll and panicky, neither one of us thought of the hand brake. Mak was soundly sleeping at the back and only woke up when she heard me screaming at hubby to stop the car.

Luckily, the car in front of us weren't moving or else we would've hit the toll gate panel. I really thank Allah that eventho we met with the accident, he saved us from any harm, and most importantly Irfan survived it without any scratch. Hubby said this shall be a reminder to us as it's been quite sometime since we gave sedekah to the needy.

Thank you Allah for the reminder!

(Pics of the car shall be uploaded later)


The car after the accident

In the car, being towed to Caltex to wait for insurance tow truck

The Zonan Factor

Online Photo Printing
2:07 PM

Pictures paint a thousand words. Pictures too captured memories that will otherwise be forgotten.

With new technology using digital cameras, people nowadays prefer to keep their "memories" stored in pc or notebook rather than have it printed out and stick in an album.

The reason for this? Most of us just hate the ideas of bracing the traffic jam just to drop the pictures to be developed, and later going through the same hassles just to pick it up from the store.

Well, fret no more coz I have good news for you guys out there.

Thanks to online photo printing service, our lives will be MUCH MUCH easier from now on. And the best part is we could print out and keep our "memories" stored in the lovely photo albums, without the hassles mentioned above, at a very reasonable cost!

One of my favorites and I'd say the best service provider of online photo printing in Malaysia is eoe Online. Just by uploading your favorite photos to the service website, it'll get printed and sent to your doorstep. Coolness isn't it? Aside from this printing service, they too offer a wide range of photographic products. For more information on the service provided, click here.

And now, how to print your photos using this service?

Just follow these simple steps and you'll have it sent to you in a matter of a few days.

Step 1 : Choose upload options
Step 2 : Upload photos
Step 3 : Select print size

Special print promotions from eoe Online :

- Print 4R photo at RM0.30 each
- Print 5R photo at RM0.50 each
- No additional charges for all printed photos
- Free deliver for orders RM35.00 and above

Good deal, yes?

So what are you waiting for? Upload your photos and get it printed and delivered to you - hassle free.

Payment can be made via:
1. Credit Card.
2. Maybank2u
3. Bank in to the account and fax them the payment slip.

An easy click here will let you have a quality print out of your photos in no time at all. Try it now!

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I'm in Love...
11:50 AM

Wish I have the budget for kitchen like this.. *sigh*dreamy* (pic from Signature Kitchen)

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A nice lunch date
2:21 PM

I've had the nicest lunch I've ever had in such a looooong time. It's not because I had it at an exclusive restaurant nor because the food was out of this world, but it's because I had it with Mr. Hubby.

Now, I can barely remember when was the last time he come fetch me during lunch, maybe never. But today he did! I was just so very ecstatic when he ym me asking "lunch skali arini mau?". Surely u can guees my reply was? "Naaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!yeay yeay!".

We had prosperity burgers at the nearby McD. It was really a short but fulfilling lunch. But Mr. Hubby pesan to me after he dropped me off "I hope this isn't going to be habitual ya"..erkk...kill joy laa you. :-p

(Not his exact phrase, just using the phrase that someone ACTUALLY used to scold me the other day..haih, i really hate that someone lah. hmph!).

The Zonan Factor

Birthday dinner
11:41 AM

Irfan is back!!

Dah lama mama tak post his pictures in here. I got a few, not that much but bole la sekadar nak jadi memories later on.

On last Saturday, we went for dinner celebration of mak's birthday which fell on the 3rd of December (Wed). We didn't do anything much on the 3rd itself, I just bought an ice cream cake (pics shall be posted later) and we nyanyi2 as usual and mak was being ever excited as this is the first time for her celebrating birthday as a grandma. :-p

Irfan was cranky as he had fever that day, so mak and the rest of the siblings went to sleep at our house that night.

Anyway, back to the dinner story. For the birtday celebration, Amin and I treated the family to dinner at Amandari. It's an old yellow-white bungalow turned into a restaurant serving malay cuisine, located at Kelawei Road, Penang. As they were 13 of us, we ordered the ala carte' as the sets they have is only meant for 10 person, plus the biggest of their table can only fit 12 person after squeezing everyone in. So we took 2 tables and two sets of dishes. What we had were :

(According to MY tastebud)

Ikan Goreng berlada (something2): very nice. I give 4 out of 5 stars
Ikan goreng mangga ( different name, i dun remember the exact name; the other table got this ) : they said it's too sweet, no spicy taste at all. I dun think they like it. maybe 2 or 3 out of 5 stars.
Udang goreng mentega : I loveee!! nyum nyummmm!!!this one 5 out of 5 stars.
Ayam goreng indonesia(the name is different, something like seri wangi or what, but it is an indonesian style of fried chicken) : 4 out of 5 stars
Seafood Tomyam : 3 out of 5; i've had better. Pha pha tomyam is nicer.
Asparagus goreng berlada : ok. 4 out of 5 stars.
Desert of sagu with icecream (i think) : ermmm...not so nice. maybe 3 out of 5.
Service and Ambience : 4 out of 5

The food's not bad, ambience nice and for 13 people, the price is plus-minus RM500, not bad if you ask me.

Do try it out if you have the chance.
Alamak! Irfan kena drive ka mama???
O'oww!! Did I just hit something???!!
Eeee...takmau la..abah take over pleaseeeee.....

Food at table 1

Birthday girl..hehe

Everyone fussing over Irfan. Ler..makan farley's rusks ONLY??? uwaaaaaaa!

The Zonan Factor

Kesian dia...
10:41 AM

I was mad at Irfan this morning. Actually, I was mad at something else that happened, but I took it out on him. I scolded him in the car, and he cried. I plopped him into his father's lap while he was still crying, and he looked at me and cried and cried. I just ignored him coz I was mad. I didn't even look at him when he was taken away.

Now looking at his smiling piccies on my desk, I'm regretting it. I love you son. I do. I can't wait to go back and take you home.

The Zonan Factor