I've been (double) tagged!!
1:06 PM

It was a nice, lazy weekend. With nothing to do, i took position on the couch in front of the huge television and watch all those boring movies they play on Astro. Suddenly my phone beeped. I've got m@il!! (sms actually). Ayu's name appeared onthe screen and i got excited. "Budak ni mesti rindu aku ni, tu sms nak kacau la tu"..But when i read the sms...Oh Boy. I hate this tagging game! I dun even have a pc here so how am i gonna do it. So in my state of cleverness, i forwarded the msg to Amin and told him that Ayu tagged him instead of me..hehehe..cleverrrr, am i not??

But then, tunggu punya tunggu, he still haven't done it. So, since i'm quite free now i decided to update about the "7 Wonders" thingy...

7 Things I plan to do before I die

1. Be a sincerely good Muslim, with a sparkingly clean slate (I wish la..) when I go to meet Him<---Sorry Ayu, curi your ayat jugak, but obviously that's every Muslims dreams kan..so pardon me eh... (hehehe)
2. Learn as much as i could about Rasulullah and his ahlul bayt, make myself known to them and love them as only a true Muslim could.
3. Just like my two soulmates - Ayu and Soraya , "I too wanna open a library cum book shop, complete with an IT corner, snack bar and review corner where you could find or make you own review of any book. I'll have throw cushions and comfortable chairs for a reading corner on every floor (yes, its a multi-storey one).
In the kiddies corner, I'd have balloons and a story-teller every week to entertain small children while opening their eyes to the joy of reading. For teenagers, I'd make my own newsletter that would be handled by the teenagers where they could learn firsthand about journalism and writing. For adults.. err, well, I haven't really thought much about them haha.. but I will! (quote from Ayu's blog -Ayu, jangan marah yer!malas nak pikir ayat..hehehe ;-p)
4. Read and have knowledge about every single thing in the world, and study about other religions so that i could strengthen my faith in Allah, Rasulullah and Islam. (Macam Sheikh Ahmed Deedat lar, hebat kan dia??)
5. Indulge myself in social works esp. to help children, cancer patients and old folks.
6. Be a Cinderella for just one day..complete with glass carriage and Prince Charming. ;-p
7. ..and last but not least..KAWIN NGAN AMIN LAR!! (hehehehe)

7 Things I could do

1. Hurt the feelings of those close to me whenever i feel hurt by what they do (Vengeance at works here)
2. Crying for no reason, i enjoy good cry once in a while.
3. Lie down on my comfy bed at home all day long, read, read, read and sleep, sleep, sleep..
4. Daydream, and get so absorb doing it that sometimes people have to shout in my ears to bring me back to earth.
5. Scare people off by pulling a sour face (hehehe that's one of my specialties if u must know)
6. Love someone so deeply, and always get hurts in the process.
7. Being suspicious of other people, esp. of my love, and made up my own stories of how he would cheat me with another girl and how tough and cool i'd be handling the situation. (Sort of like a Super-woman lar..saya kaaan tabaaahhh. .hehehe)

7 Things I just can't do

1. Live without Amin
2. Talk freely to strangers/people i've just met
3. Just like Ayu, I can't live without McDonalds (especially the Ayam Goreng Spicy..Yummyyy!!!)
4. Forgive people easily (I still can't do that, but i'm trying my best)
5. Control my anger.
6. Say NO to certain people, especially people who are close to me.
7. Be nice to those who isn't nice to me.

7 celebrity crushes

1. Mohamed Amin b. Mohamed Yasin (tak kenai???Woooo....celebrity terkenal nih!!hahaha)
2. Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (a great scholar of Islam)
3. Yusry KRU --> Haha, Ayu..tahla apa yang we saw in him. Dah la kering, asyik makan maggi plak tu. Tak best langsung. Anyway, i totally agree with you, "we actually had more fun 'fighting' over something sebenarnya, NOT really a crush!"
4. Errmmm....
6. Aha!!
7. Hehehe...dunno who else to put lar..i dun pay much attention to celebrities. There are actually a few japanese movie star i adore, but i dunno their names...so sorry guys!

7 most over-used words

1. Huh?
2. Hek eleh...
3. Weeeiiiii
4. Sangaaatt...
5. Hello!
6. Bodoh (following provocation from other people..but sometimes i didn't mean it in a bad way, it's just a word with no meaning to me, a figure of speech u might say...)
7. Amiiiinnn... (hehehe, i like saying his name, it's just soooo calming to my soul ;-p )

7 traits I look for in the opposite sex

1. Must be able to be an Imam for solah --> Yup, the traits as Ayu's..sorry Ayu banyak cilok!hehehe...
2. Tall
3. Dark
4. Not-so-handsome --->Haha! Gotcha there Amin!
5. Romantic in his own way
6. Bring out the best in me
7. Love me and only me, and love me in every conditions.

7 tags

Hmmm....oh well. Let's get on with it baybeh!

1. Soraya--> Yeah!Yeah! I'm cheating..so what?hehehe
2. Illis --> Yeah!Yeah! I'm cheating..so what?hehehe
3. Yone
4. Farah
5. Acin--> Yeah!Yeah! I'm cheating..so what?hehehe
6. Syuhada--> Yeah!Yeah! I'm cheating..so what?hehehe
7. Sapa lagi hah??!!

Hah!Finally it's over and done with. Now i'm gonna go and get some sleep under the table until it's time to go back. Yeay!!! ;-))

~The Urban Factor~

Al-Kisah Tentang Cinta
12:31 PM

Pada suatu ketika terdapatlah sebuah pulau dimana
semua jenis perasaan tinggal;
Kesenangan, Kesedihan, Ilmu, Kesombongan dan kawan2
termasuk Cinta.
Suatu hari diumumkan kepada semua perasaan bahwa pulau
itu akan tenggelam kedasar lautan. Tak lama kemudian
semua perasaan mempersiapkan perahu masing2 untuk
pergi dari pulau itu.
Tinggal lah Cinta seorang diri. Dia memutuskan untuk
memelihara keindahan pulau itu sampai saat2 terakhir.
Ketika pulau itu hampir seluruhnya tenggelam, akhirnya
Cinta memutuskan untuk segera pergi. Dia mulai mencari
pertolongan dari teman2nya.
Tak berapa lama Kekayaan lewat sambil mengemudikan
perahunya yg besar.
Cinta bertanya, "Kekayaan, bolehkah aku ikut dengan
Kekayaan menjawab, "Maafkan aku, tapi kapalku sudah
penuh dengan emas dan perak. Tidak ada lagi tempat
Kemudian "Harga diri" lewat dengan kapalnya yg indah.
Cinta memohon,! "Harga diri, tolonglah aku".
"Aku tak bisa menolongmu", jawab Kesombongan, "Kamu
basah kuyup. Aku takut kapalku yg indah ini rusak!!!!"
Lalu cinta melihat Kesedihan lewat.
Cinta berkata, "Kesedihan, izinkanlah aku ikut denganmu".
Kesedihan berkata,"Maafkan aku, Cinta. Saat ini aku
sedang ingin sendiri".
Akhirnya Cinta melihat perahu Kesenangan lewat.
Cinta menjerit memohon, "Kesenangan, tolong bawa aku bersamamu".
Tapi Kesenangan sedang larut dengan kegembiraannya
hingga tidak mendengar jeritan cinta memanggilnya.
Cinta mulai menangis putus asa. Tiba2 dia mendengar
suara berkata, "Ayo Cinta, aku akan membawamu pergi
bersamaku". Ternyata seorang kakak tua telah berbaik
hati mengajaknya serta.
Ketika mereka sampai pada suatu pulau, kakak itu
segera pergi meneruskan perjalanannya. Cinta merasa
sangat senang dan bahagia hingga dia lupa untuk
menanyakan nama kakak yang telah menyelamatkannya itu.
Cinta sadar betapa ia sangat berhutang budi pada kakak itu.
Kemudian Cinta bertemu dengan Ilmu lalu bertanya,
"Siapakah kakak yang telah menyelamatkanku itu?"
"Dia adalah Waktu", jawab Ilmu."Tapi kenapa Waktu mau menolongku
sementara yang lain tidak?", tanyaCinta.
Ilmu tersenyum lalu dengan bijak dan tulus menjawab,
"Karena hanya Waktu yang mampu memahami betapa
agungnya Cinta".

The Zonan Factor