11:06 AM

Raya was okay-okay only for me. It wasn't anything to be shout about, everything was as expected. This time, it was a bit more hectic as I had to lari here and there between MIL and mum's place. We decided to spent alternate days at both houses. Now that we've double the amount of relatives compared to before, almost everyday were spent visiting relatives houses. Sigh...we've got no time at all for ourselves. Even kalau spent some time together (alone) kat luar pun, will end up coming home with guilty feelings, which I hate to feel. So end up, no time alone for us except when we go to bed. But still, no complaints from me lah...

Went for house- scouting with hubby. Found a few place we liked but I have my eyes on this condo http://www.ivory.com.my/ivory_projects_files/plaza_ivory_condominium.htm as I like the location and it's facilities. However, we do find the place a bit small to our liking. Still undecided whether to go for it or look around still.

On my pregnancy progress, went for check up at Pearl's Maternity Penang. The baby's fine, and the doctor sorta identified it's gender already :-) But still it could be wrong kan, so I guess I won't reveal the gender of the baby yet lah until confirmed. Masa ultrasound tu, baby bukan main active doing flip flops...looked as if he was enjoying swimming in mummy's tummy. Sampai nak measure his tulang peha pun agak susah la..One minute he was lying on his back, then the next minute dah pusing kot lain plak. Buas betoi anak aku ni. hehehe...

My morning sickness has gone away, instead I'm now "infected" with the fainting spell. Just this morning as I was walking to the toilet, I started to feel dizzy and my vision became blurry. I had to sit down quickly so that tak pass out again like before. It happened a few times already, and I've got to remember to check it out with my gynae during my next checkup lah...

Will be going to Kuantan on Friday. I looked forward to this trip before as I hope I'd be able to relax after the meeting, but now not anymore lah. Hmphhh....

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Tagged for FOOOODSssSs...
10:12 AM

Mickey said in her blog that since i'm a preggie mom, it'd be interesting to look at my list of foods i feel like having a.k.a my cravings. Note that all (almost all) my cravings involve local food (no more fast food for me please!the baby has such melayu/mamak taste!) or things that I used to eat that can no longer be obtained as the people who sold it were either deceased or no longer in business.

Name 5 FOOD you feel like having right now

(If truth be told, I don't even feel like eating. But well, generally...I'll list down what my appetite are like these days lah erk..)

1. Nasi dalca
2. Air Tebu (Drinks also can lah ehhh)
3. Bihun Goreng kuah Laksa (Al-Mashoor's canteen)
4. Nasi Lemak (Al-Mashoor's canteen)
5. Nasi Tomato Che' Puan (deceased)

Name 5 favourite FOOD for breakfast :

1. Roti bakar + telur separuh masak @ Mamak Hutton Lane
2. Roti bakar + gulai ikan @ Mamak Hutton Lane
3. Roti canai + daging @ Argyll Road
4. Nasi lemuni
5. Nasi Tomato Che' Puan (deceased)

5 FOOD for dinner today (I wish to have, but definitely wouldn't be able to) :

1. Nasi Lemak by my mum
2. Fruit custard
3. Air Tebu again
4. Mee Kuah Asma (near my home in Penang)
5. Putu Piring

So that's it. I'm tagging Yong, Yone, Cha, Abang A'a and Kak Yan plak k. Do ur part guys!

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Ramblings. And more ramblings..
2:54 PM

Last Saturday marked the first time in this fasting month that I got to Iftar outside. I mean, somewhere NOT AT HOME. Earlier during the fasting month, housemate and some friends did asked me to join them for Iftar outside, but I told them that I’d not be joining as my appetite still wasn’t that good and the only thing that I felt like eating at that time was piping hot home cooked meal. Even if it’s a simple plate of plain rice and ikan kering. I didn’t even joined the Iftar they had at the office last week as I knew the menu wouldn’t be to my liking.

Anyway, all last week I had a craving for A & W chicken, curly fries and float. I was a chicken-person before the pregnancy, but ever since I got preggie I loathe even the smell of fried chicken and it tasted horrible to me. Thus, haven’t been eating the meat for the past 4 months, I can’t wait to try out whether my throat finally can accept it again.

So off we went that Saturday, to the A & W outlet in PJ to have our Iftar. I was feeling extremely gluttonous and told hubby I want to have coney dog, fried chicken, waffle with ice cream and float for berbuka. He grinned at my greediness, but insisted that I have Milo instead of float as the drink is gassy and could harm the baby, he said. But I wouldn’t take NO for an answer, so after much persuasion he got me the tallest glass of float I’ve ever drank in my entire life! (or so it seemed at that time..hehe).

Time nak tunggu azan tu was like the most torturous moment ever! I was drooling over the fries, the curliness of it just got to me. And the crispy looking chicken and it’s smell, darn! Bila nak azan ni.. Thus, u can imagine la how I got once the azan sounded. I stuffed the scrumptious fries and chicken alternately into my greedy mouth and slurped on the tall glass of the mouth-watering float. Hub kept on repeating that he was sure the food will go to waste once my appetite got satisfied. But surprise! I ate like I’ve never ate before. I finished 1 piece of chicken, half of the coney dog, the tall glass of float and half of the waffle. Ha terer kan.. After that, memang mengantuk tak ingat lah…

Oh. We met Cico and his mum there. He looked splendid in his brown baju melayu, complete with sampan and songkok. I was *drooling* over him too, resulting in me getting pinches after pinches on the arms, courtesy of hubby. Aha! ;-p


I can’t do work no more. I’m so in the holiday mood, can’t wait to go back home for Raya. No, I didn’t get any special Raya clothes this year. I didn’t even get the tempeyek I ordered from a colleague. But I know this is gonna be the best Raya ever, as it’s my first time celebrating it with lovely hub. I’m psyched!

Now, I’m gonna go daydream on the sweet sweet celebration to come! Daaa…

P/s: Since my internet access at the office is limited, I can’t acces my blogspot account. I can’t post and I can’t comment, I can only read your post. So, I just wanna apologize if I haven’t been replying to your comments and all, but I still read it tau.

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Of Nasi Kacang and Fainting Spell
3:55 PM

Last week, I had a craving for nasi kacang (the yellow rice cooked with kacang dhal) for a few days. So after discussing with hub, I decided to cook some for iftar on Saturday. Invited some of them cousins and siblings to come for berbuka but only Yong, Cha and Awis could make it. So, after confirmation has been made, I prepared the list of groceries to be bought to cook for six.

Saturday morning, I woke hubby up earlier than usual as we had some marketing to do. Walked about 20 minutes to the nearby market –one which we’d never been to before - only to find that it’s not open on Saturday! What a bad luck..

So since we couldn’t get our supply of meat (for meat curry), I texted Yong to get some for me when she goes to get her supply at Giant. She agreed to send it to the house later.

So we headed to Carrefour instead to get other things needed to cook the iftar meal. As I forgot to bring along my list of groceries to buy, we spent more than an hour browsing through shelves after shelves and finally when we went to queue up the line was sooo terribly long that I felt like living the trolley there and head home instead. But we queued up anyway.

After we paid for our stuff, just as hub was putting things back into the trolley, I was beginning to feel dizzy. I told him that I needed to sit down for a while. He said of coz and kononnya nak guide me to the nearest food court, which was like meters and meters away. And I was like “No!No! I need to sit down NOW!” and the next thing I know I was seated on a stool, mumbling to him “Nak duduk…nak duduk” with my head resting on his shoulder and my whole body sweating profusely. Hub said “Okay seat properly now, I’m gonna go get you some drinks”, and off he went in search of some milky drinks for me.

By this time, I was confused as to why people around were staring at me, but then hubby came back and insisted that I drink the cup of Milo he bought for me. I was..of coz la malu nak drink in front of everyone time-time puasa ni kan. But since he insisted and I was feeling very weak, I took a mouthful lah.

A few moments after, we walked a bit and stop at the food court to sit and relax while I finished my cup of Milo. It was then that hub told me that I blacked out for a while there (about 2 minutes camtu ja la), lembik lutut and all. I think he panicked for a while there (later that night he told me he felt like crying masa I blacked out tu thinking that something bad happened to me). Luckily the kakak at the nearby tudung stall saw us and urging hub to seat me down at the stool she got there. Hubby was very thankful that he was around when it happened, not when I was out alone or anything.

Anyway, after we went back home, I tried to get some sleep but couldn’t. So I started preparing ingredients for the nasi kacang, meat curry and fruit custard that I was gonna make that day. Hub yang kononnya nak help me around dah terlentuk pun ataih katil. I knew he was still tired from last night’s journey, so I just let him sleep lah.

I started preparing to cook from 1 ++ pm and only finished cooking and cleaning just a couple of minutes before Iftar. Halfway through it, hub woke up and helped with the preparation and all.(Rajin la jugak laki I ni) I even had to asked Nor to help with cleaning up as I run out of time. So penat! Even when Yong and Cha arrived, I still wasn’t properly dressed, or even showered for that matter.

So that night we had nasi kacang, meat curry, kerabu timun, ayam goreng and sambal tumis udang and iced orange for break fast. Yong and Cha prepared the sambal tumis udang and ayam goreng, while Cha bought some delicious chocolate cakes from Melaka on her way down to KL. After prayer, we had some custard which turned out to be a bit cair lah. Should keep in mind to add more flour or less water next time.

That night, hubba hub went out with brother to see some friends and Yong and Cha lepak at the house for a while longer. We chatted a bit and watched some Malay drama on TV*3. I was tired but not sleepy. After Yong and Cha went back, I stayed up to wait for hubby and Nor said “Oi..tak tido lagi ka. Superwoman ka hapa kau nih”..ahaha. I didn’t want to sleep as I knew hubby would be hungry when he came back coz dia makan tak banyak during Iftar. My guess was right, as upon setting foot inside the house at around 1am, he said “I’m hungry lah..”. Sigh..buat la pulak the simple Coney Dog for him - which recipe I got from the net.

After that…baruuuu la dapat tidoq dengan nyaman (before bangun sahur plak). Sigh...what a day...But at least, my craving for nasi kacang had been satisfied. :-D

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My Little Angle, I Miss Looking At You!
3:13 PM

After much delay, I finally went for my checkup at the go*v clinic near my work place this morning. I went there with HernieYonnie as she was the one suggested the place when I said that I want to do my checkup at least once at the go*v hospital / clinic so that I have a record with them. As expected, the place is swarming with pregnant mummies. It took us almost 3 hours to complete the whole thing.

Both of us, being a first timer there (I’m 4 months along while Hernie is in her 5th months) didn’t know the procedures, so agak tercangak – cangak jugak la asking around on what we’re supposed to do. Initially, the nurses seemed quite standoffish when we asked on the procedures. She asked me where I stayed and why did I go to that particular clinic and why not the one closer to my home. As luck has it, my office is nearby so I gave that as my reason for going there. (The real reason was because I just followed my friend here whose mum resides close by).

It was real luck that we went together as the procedures took a long time to complete, and we’d have been bored out of our wits if we’d gone on our own. When my number was called I was greeted at the counter by this chatty sister (or rather makcik) who asked for our surat nikah, hubs copy of IC, pay slip et cetera. I didn’t have it with me, not a single thing of the required documents as they didn’t ask me to produce it during my previous checkup at the private. She membebel la sikit saying that I should have it in the purse in case of emergency, but I just smiled it off. She even commented on us (hubby and I) living apart from each other, saying “Haaa…nanti laki awak cari lain baru tau”. I dalam hati “Ishh…makcik ni memang tak sayang mulut lah, bulan Ramadhan dok doa benda tak baik kat orang”. Grrrrrr….

Anyway, after I completed all mine and hubs personal details in the pink book, we proceeded with the weighing – I lost another 0.5 kg in1 week – and check on BP. We were then asked to complete the urine test and lo and behold! I actually couldn’t make anything come out into the tabung uji ! I tried for almost 5 minutes and finally out came a few drops of cloudy water. (yikes! I know it sounds disgusting kan..) I was embarrassed as this was the first time I wasn’t able to produce during urine test but the nurse didn’t say anything so I guess it’s a normal occurrence for them la kot. (However, she did say my urine is kotor, it’s fasting month la..I don’t get to drink enough water maa).

After the urine test is cleared, we proceeded to have our blood taken for HIV etc etc test. I was so nervous and jumpy this time (I hate needles!) I actually could hear my heart pounding loudly against my chest. Dah la kena cucuk 2 times baru dapat extract blood from me, it was bloody painful okay. Lucky the kakak was nice and soft and apologized when I told her it hurts. Baru la sejuk sikit hati ni. As I was saying to Hernie “ How la kita ni, nak amik darah pun takut, camana nak beranak nanti?!”.Oh well…

After that, we were given a short talk on breastfeeding and then proceeded to have our details taken – AGAIN. Then came the part where I looked forward to – seeing the Doctor! I couldn’t wait to do the ultrasound scan as I wanted to see the baby again; I miss him/her already okay.

But much to my disappointment, the doc only poked me here and there (on my TUMMY lah :-p) and that’s it. I didn’t even dare ask her any question as she looked fierce sitting there on her stool writing on the pinky book. She said “You can go now” without even looking at my face. No news of my little angle whatsoever. Oh..my gynae is sooooo much sweeter and nicer than her, I would definitely continue with my monthly visit to Damai.

So, we ended the session at 11.30 am (from 8.30 am) and both of us departed ways with promise to go there again at the end of the month.

Frankly, I don’t know if I’d go there again, but let say I do. I know I’d still be seeing my gynae on regular basis. I’d want to be able to ask silly question about my little angle and myself without feeling stupid and getting smirked at, even if that means having to pay a little extra in the process.

This is my first pregnancy after all.

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