The Deathly Hallows
12:46 PM

Well, what shall I write about it? Hmmm….first thing to say is that it’s not the best book in the series but, like Ayu said, it’s still a good book nevertheless.

I have to say, this time around, whenever I started to open the first few chapters, I wasn’t able to resist the urge to sleep. I was tired alright, and I can assure you it’s NOT due to lack of exciting plots and excitement in Harry’s journey towards defeating He Who Must Not Be Named (Hey!don’t make me say the name’s Tabooed!) .

The part I enjoyed most in all the previous books were the Hogwarts part, and even though J.K Rowling has mentioned in HBP that those three wouldn’t be returning to Hogwarts for their educations, I was still disappointed when Hogwart was mentioned only towards the end of the story. Nevertheless, I was truly touched, glad - and all other emotions mixed up - that almost everyone of the wizarding world ever mentioned in the previous series turned out at Hogwarts to “duel to kill” (as Mrs. Weasley said to Bellatrix) Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

I love it that Ron and Hermione still played a BIG role in this book, tagging along with Harry wherever he went and helped him out in his quest to destroy the Horcruxes. I was a bit disappointed at first that Harry didn’t get any help from Dumbledore but as my reading progressed, it became clear that Dumbledore was still helping Harry and The Order going through the dark times, albeit indirectly.

Among all the characters that got killed, I was the saddest when Fred died. I just can’t help but kept on imagining how would George’s life be without his soul mate to share everything with him. The Weasley Wizard Wheezes (or what’s the name of their joke shop again?) surely could not go on without one of the brilliant twins, but come to think of it, maybe George would keep operating the shop as he knew that it’ll the one thing that Fred would really want him to do.

The part that I love the most in this book is the ending; when Voldermort announced to the general crowd of Harry’s death; in hope that everyone would then bow to him and give him their full allegiance. However, what happened was I think beyond his imagination. Neville was heroic in his attempt to stand up to the Dark Lord and with the bravery it’s undeniably that he deserved to be prized with the Gryffindor sword.

I love the scene when out of nowhere; there came hundreds of man and a horde of centaurs thundering across the ground to battle the Death Eaters and their master. It’s amazing how easy Voldemort got defeated by The Boy Who Lived, despite all his arrogance and so-called outstanding magical power.

However, I do think that the final chapter of the book was done as if Rowling was in a hurry to finish it. It was such a sweet little ending that didn’t blend well with the rest of the book. But who am I to say, it’s her story so she deserves to do it whichever way she wasn’t to, rite?
It’s just depressing thinking that there won’t be anymore of Harry Potter to look forward to after this. I just hope there’ll be other stories as good, if not better, than HP in the years to come.

~The Urban Factor~

Tentang Buku yang Membuatkan Orang Tak Tidur Lena...
2:59 PM

Saturday was one fine day, for me. The night before, I waited for Mr Husband’s arrival from Penang and he rang the bell at around 2 in the morning. Before she went to sleep, I reminded Nor to knock on the door the next morning if it seems like Amin and I haven’t wake up.

So that night (or rather morning), we had less than 3 hours sleep. I woke up to the text sent by my house mate saying “ It’s time to wake up, muggles!”. Haha. We were very excited, so please don’t hate our silliness.

Anyway, after I had a quick shower I woke hubby up. I was like nagging him on how late it was and looking at the rate we were going, surely I’d not be in time to get the goodie bag and stuff. Hubby said that he was sure by the time he finished showering, I won’t finish getting dress and all. I was glad to prove how wrong he was.. Boo hoo!

Nor, who didn’t pre-booked the HP book went out at least 10 minutes earlier than us – which was around 6.30am - in her eagerness to line up at Carrefour to get the much awaited book.

I, on the other hand couldn’t stop pulling long face at hubby cause I wanted to be there as early as possible. Heck! I wanted to be the first in line to lay my hands on the book!

Nevertheless, I was the 10th person getting in line, and I guess it wasn’t that bad after all. Looking around and being all alert, I couldn’t stop moaning and; jumping up and down once I saw the workers pushing the trolley containing the Harry Potter goodie bags. Hubby was all smiles when he saw how excited I was. Since this was his second time, I guess he already get used to how silly I’d get when Harry Potter is finally there!

After I got the book, we proceeded to go for a checkup – good news for us. J And then, we went to have our HUGE breakfast, before hurrying back home so I could start on the book.

Nonetheless, I’d have to admit that this time it took me a much longer time to finish the book. It was almost 4 days before I got to the end of it as I couldn’t concentrate on the book when hubby was around. He said “ Now I know I come first before Harry Potter”. Aha..Of coz la dear. ;-p

I’d write about the book when I have the time and mood as I don’t want to rush into it and do it injustice.

But all I could say for now is that there are a few things that disappoint me, such as finding out that Dumbledore were once flawed. (I guess I just wanted him to be all noble even when he was still a child).

However, I think that the overall plots are well thought of and quite strong. That’s all I’m saying for now peeps!

~The Urban Factor~