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As usual, my morning routine was to browse through a few blogs in my links to check for any updates. Soon after, found out that I got tagged by Yone a.k.a Jienekiel (dah agak dah mesti saya di tag punya. Cess!). Anyway, let’s see if I’m up to it….

Five things in my bag ( that would be my handbag of coz, what else??)

1) My phone (which my colleagues dubbed as the Mat R*empit phone and others call it phone baling anjing..oh well… )
2) House key attached to the Koala keychain I got from Kayla (souvenir from her Australia trip)3) My Cherry Nivea lipgloss and Clinique lipbalm which I never use. Oh yeah, Clinique compact powder too (which is used like a couple of times a month *eyes roll*)
4) My off-white Guess purse which was one of my hantaran gift
5) Lots of coins littering the bottom of my bag. And oh yeah, crumpled (but clean okay!) tissue papers.

Five things inside my wallet

1) Mykad
2) My driving license (yes!yes! I do have driving license, just pengecut to drive)
4) Money, which I bet wouldn’t stay that long in the purse
5) Hubby’s pictures (gambar masa boyfriend2 dulu).

Five things in my favourite room Just like almost everyone else, definitely the BEDROOM! (That’s because I dun have a reading room, if I did that would definitely be my MOST FAVOURITE!)

1) My books
2) My newly acquired rug/carpet (the tikar Sarawak style - I dunno what u call it) - which Hubby bought and I love coz it match the closet.
3) My made up bed – with too many pillows in it and my comfy sunny-colored comforter.
4) My RED Ikea table lamp.5) My HEAVY wedding album wrap in too many layers of bags.

Five things I would like to do

1) Eat more for baby’s sake (hehe), and take the vitamins religiously.
2) Go on a shopping spree with unlimited cash in hand (girls would be girls *wink*wink*).
3) Be a full time housewife and mom (Oh I wish I dun hafta go to work!sigh..)
4) Vacation with hubby.
5) Organize our happening family day in a remote Island - like Redang maybe?(ah…blissful!)

Five things I'm currently on

1) Doing this thing lah!
2) Trying to organize my desk
3) Searching the BEST boys/girls name for our baby (think I’ve got it).
4) Blog hopping
5) List all the tasks that needs to be finished before the day ends.Phew.

Siap jugak, and Yone, I did it in less than an hour tau. Coz I copied yours some, ehhehe. So now I’m going to tag you guys AYU, MICKEY, SYUHADA, ACIN annnnnd ILLIS (she update ka her blog?).

Okie la guys, gotta be in the meeting room in 30 seconds from now. Daaaa!!!

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Ayu – again – insisted that I update this dusty blog. Oh well, maybe I will..

Ramadhan this year is a bit different for me. Not only was I excited to be able to break fast and sahur with hubby this time, but with a growing fetus in my tummy draining me of energy during the day, I get tired and cranky easily. But okie lah. As long as you’re growing well, I guess I’ll be alright lah kiddos.

The thing I miss most is being sangat berselera during berbuka as now I don’t have much of an appetite (especially here in KL), very picky about foods and worst, those foods that I used to love so much now taste just like other dishes. I cannot (over)eat much even if I want to as I’d only vomit afterwards. And one of the biggest challenge for me is having to refrain myself from drinking AIR TEBU, which is like my MOST FAVOURITE during the fasting month. What with housemate drinking it in front of me and all! Sigh…memang dugaan sungguh.

Anyway, last weekend was spent in Penang breaking fast with the families at Makchak’s house. It was fun, so many foods and best of all we’ve got nasi ikan for berbuka. Besides that, we have the common dishes such as fried chicken, sambal tumis udang, masak lemak, tauhu sumbat and kuah kacang, bubur kanji (bubur lambuk here) and lots of kuih muih and mix fruit custard for desert. I definitely overeat this time, and ended up vomiting my heart out that night.

Oh. Another fact, totally unrelated but.. I think hubby looked splendid in blue that night. Haha!

So, as this is gonna be our first Raya together, hubby and I decided that we’d take a leave this Friday (insyaAllah) so that we can go shopping for our dresses and shirts. Since I haven’t tempah any baju kurung this time around, I’d have to make do with some ready made ones. Hopefully I won’t grow much kalau tak rugi ja baju nanti takble pakai dah.

This Saturday, gonna go for my monthly checkup at Damai. The gynae there is quite nice, soft spoken and all. Mak asked me to signup for antenatal classes, it’s just that I’m not sure when is the best time to go for it. *Mental note to self* Will have to check it out with the gynae. Anyway, since the hospital is lcoated on the way to Kg. Bahru I planned to head there for free bubur lambok afterwards. But just a few days ago, Abg Nasir said someone told him that bubur lambok masjid Kg Bahru is not as tasty as it used to be. However, there’s a surau (dunno the name) located near to the masjid that give out tastier bubur lambok. Guess, we’ll go redah and cari ja lah.

I’ve run out of ideas to write. Feeling extra sluggish today. Will update more when I could think of something interesting to write. Till then, be good you guys and don’t ponteng-ponteng puasa kay!

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Saya telah di tagged oleh Cik IdAyu. Saya sangat malas untuk buat ini benda, tapi memandangkan dia insisted saya to humor her, there goes….

8 things (MOST) people dunno about me

1) I have a habit of covering my feet when I go to sleep.
This weird habit started when I was a kid, reason being takut hantu geletek kaki masa tidoq. So as a kid I always had to place both my feet under a pillow. Haha stupidly funny eh. But somehow, the habit stick with me up till today but now I wear socks and cover feet with blanket.

2) I feel awkward around babies.
I find it easier to relate to kids than babies. I’m not good in baby-talk and I feel weird and self-conscious playing with them. So we just hafta see la how I’d manage with my own baby nanti. ;-)

3) Terrible mood swing
But to strangers, I might seem all friendly and pleasant as I’d always be smiling among outsiders. Most of the time anyway.

4) I haf this habit of hitting my finger on tabletop when I’m eating
Hubby was the one who noticed this particular habit of mine.

5) I cannot just look at strangers without wondering about their lives and their thoughts.
I wonder what their problems are, are they happy with their partners, are they content with their lives and such. It’s the busybody in me I guess.

6) Daydreaming.
Somehow my daydreams are usually based on movies I watched or books I read. Most of the time, I’d prefer the heartbreaking ones. Ahakz!

7) I don’t fantasize chocolate cake
Unlike almost everyone I know, I have a strong dislike for chocolate based food. I like chocolate, yes, but only the sweet tasting ones e.g Cadbury. I dun eat bitter chocolates. W*ll’s Mini Poppers, chocolate cakes and muffins is a definite no-no for me. Chocolate flavored ice- cream? Bole la makan…but definitely not my 1st choice.

8) I can be obsessed with beautiful things.
The reason I like craft is because I love LOOKING at things I deemed pretty. Bila dah rasa cantik tu, I won’t be able to stop gazing at it, sampai la the thing lost it’s attractiveness in my eyes, then only I’d be able to stop staring at it.

So Ayu, I’ve MANAGED to finish this meme somehow. Great achievement for me, kena belanja ni. ;-p

Neway, do I hafta tag other people?? Awww…well, I tag all of you in my link lists then. ;-p

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