Blood Stain...
7:36 PM

Both of my twins brothers got 8A’s for their PMR!! And I sorta promised them something that I'm beginning to regret! And now they keep taunting me with the promises made…Hehehe..

Anyway, Raya Haji was spent at my mum’s in the morning, followed by lunch at MIL and dinner at my auntie’s. This time it was a hectic holiday for me. Everyday we had something to do / errand to runs.

Baby’s stuff is almost ready. Went shopping with Mak for some simple vest for daily use, what she had in mind was what she got for us like what? 27 years back? Mana la nak ada dah yang macam tu with that price nowadays kan…so we settled for some plain white vest with price not like what she had in mind but still cheap for today’s standard lah. We also got some fancy baju (which I cannot resist the temptation to buy) and mittens and booties plus cap. Tapi tak banyak lah as people (mak included) keep on telling me not to buy too many as the baby will outgrow it all quickly.

Hubby lagi la teruk, whenever we go shopping for the baby (that was like only twice so far) every single time I pick something, he’ll chant his favourite mantra “YOU ARE SPENDING TOO MUCH ON THE BABY”. Tensen betul. Even the salesgirls will smile when he chanted it. Buat malu saja.End up, I’d put it back and pull long face at him. Baik pi shopping ngan mak lagi puas hati.

Anyway, I came back to KL (by bus) on the Christmas day. The bus push off at 10am and reached Old Railway Station building at almost 3.30pm. Serious lembab gila driver tu bawak. I bought lunch at the nearby mamak store and came home to catch up on my sleep (without having lunch). That night after shower and prayer, I reheat the lunch I bought earlier and had it for dinner instead. Right after dinner, I noticed that my caftan felt wet so I checked it out. Lo and behold! There was a fresh blood stain right in middle of my back.

I was panicky of course and called hubby. He sounded confused, worried and didn’t know what to do. So I told him that I’d call him back later, said goodbye and put down the phone. And then I dialed the number of my housemate’s mobile, who at that time was out having dinner with her boyfriend (who happens to be my colleague). When I told her that I have some bleeding, depa pun start to panic la jugak. They arrived home in no time at all.

Oh! Before that, right after I called Nor, I went to wash the blood but came upon this little darkish blood clot. I was in horror thinking "Omigod!This can't be a show can it? Please dun let me give birth now. Not tonite. Not when abang or mak isn't around. I'M ONLY 7 MONTHS ALONG FOR GOD'S SAKE!"...haaa...macam2 la dok pikiaq time tu. After dah calmed down a bit, I took a shower just in case I'm gonna have to be in the hospital for a long time that night..I mean I didn't know what was gonna happen kan...

So to cut story short, we went there and only few nurses were on duty as it was Christmas Day. So I told them about the bleeding and showed the blood stain kat my caftan. She then look at her colleague, nod and said "Oh!Betul la..Like 5th day period!". Then they asked me if I have any pain / contraction and I said no. I was already takut la gak coz it sounded like they expected me to go into labour anytime soon. Then the nurse called my gynae and doc asked me to be admitted into ward for the night. All those while, Nor was around of coz..and I fired her with instructions to call everyone concerned to inform them if anything happens that night.

Anyway, after I got admitted, the nurses started to strap me into the boxy machine to monitor baby's heartbeat. Okie ja...kuat and laju...macam bunyi kuda racing. And he was actively kicking and moving in his little coccoon, nurse2 pun cakap "Amboi...aktif sungguh si kecik ni..." Hehehe...Anyway they said that baby's in good condition and there's no need for me to worry. They only need me to be there till morning so they can make sure whether my bledding continues. Okie la, so that night was spent alone in the ward. Very lonely lah..I hated it..but for baby's sake takpala.......

The next morning, when Dr Liew came the first thing she said to me "Hey, u look sooo pale lah. Tak cukup darah tau. Why la..U tak suka makan ka??". Hehe..then she asked the nurse to wheeled me down to her room for check up and ultrasound. From the check up she can't find anything wrong with me, she said that my pangkal rahim is in good condition (no infection whatsoever that can cause the bleeding) nor am I InsyaAllah I won't go into early labour lah. They concluded that it must be due to stress and my travelling/ too much walking. So she gave me MC sampai New Year and told me to rest and not to do any heavy works.

Btw, she passed me my blood test result that shows I have quite a bad case of iron deficiency. Normal count is 9-26 but mine is about 2.7, thus I'll need to take extra dosage of iron sampai lah deliver nanti. And if I breastfeed the baby later on I'm gonna have to continue taking the supplement.

That morning, Emi took compassionate leave and she and abang came to take me back home. When I called mak to tell her that I got admitted, she asked me why I didn't called her earlier. I said I didn't want her to worry as the nurses said it was nothing serious. Then mak cakap patut la she dreamt that I was admitted into hospital for operation that night. Wah...talking about mother's instinct.

So, for the past few days I've been doing nothing but lying in bed, watching TV. Auntie Zee came the other day to cook for me. Hubby arrived this morning with abah and he'd been doing all the household chores dengan sungguh rajinnya. Kesian pulak tengok... :-)

Okie la, abang and Emi will be here in a shortwhile for dinner and I need to do my prayer now. Will write more when I have the time. Till then, take care everyone.

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New look
7:54 PM

As requested by Ayu, I decide to post some pics of myself in my pregnant mode. ;-) However, these are definitely NOT my latest look as I haven't really got a chance to take pics of myself recently. I've gained weight rapidly these past few weeks, and the bump's definitely more obvious now. But anyway, I hope this will satisfy ur curiosity lah ayu...

Will put up more pics after Raya Haji insyaAllah. :-)

This was taken during Raya Puasa. I was then 4+ (almost 5) months preggie.. I look short and kembang eh ;-p

A week after raya...starting to put on more weight..(Taken at Hyatt Kuantan, on business trip accompanied by beloved hubby)

There you go Ayu...u can clearly see the bloated tummy now eh. Notice that I look fat rather than preggie? tsk tsk tsk...

Anyway I dun have that many clearer pics on my new look. Maybe after this I should start to snap more photos as a token of this pregnancy kan. Will try to lah...

On baby's progress, he now already weighs 1.1kg. His kicks are stronger..suka 'tickles' especially when I lie down in bed. Anyway, at first I wanted the gender to be a surprise to everyone but us but I didn't realize that I wrote "him" "he" and "his" in my last post so I more surprises lah for everyone. :-) But still, people said it could be wrong kan...

According to an article in a website, this week (my 27th week) my baby has started to have dreams when he sleeps. How cute is that! Haha..I wonder what he dreams about? Toys kot.. ;-)

Oh..I need to go to the loo. Will update more later.

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