How eh if nak letak slideshow ni as my blog title. Anybody?
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I just feel like gibbering right now so dun mind me unless u've got nothing better to do with your time...
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After so many days of unfruitful attempt to post something new in here, I'd finally succedeed in writing up quite a journal on how I spent my last few days, but oh my! poof the thing suddenly disappeared in the blink of an eye! tsk tsk tsk...

Rasa2 malaih dah la nak tulih properly balik...

Now I'm only in the mood to write a short short sentence on the current update of my life. Let's see :

1) Thursday nite till the end of the week; last week : Spent my nights at the sports complex of a local university.
- Konon nak warming up before the -kononnya- heavy workout, so lari lah keliling stadium. *prap prap* lututku berbunyi. Sakiiiittt ahh! Takmo lari lagi.. (Sounding like a lame excuse just to avoid doing it, din it?)
- Pi gym, lari ataih threadmill. 15 minutes top, dah penat. I'm so out of shape. Tsk tsk tsk...
- Tried weight lifting, dumbell, benda2 tolak guna kaki & tarik guna tangan tu semua..ended up with cramped muscles for a few days after and making such a fuss out of it.
- Anyway, this whole we-want-to-have-a-healthy-lifestyle fiasco started with my buddy being diagnosed with a bone disease ( sounds too serious when put this way din it?) and the doc advised her to do physiotherapy on her own whenever she isn't at the hospital doing it. Hence, the time spent at the gym.
- Dapat belajar new game, that is squash. Tetiba ja rasa teringin nak jadi champion like Nicol David.. kweng kweng kweng.
- However, found out that squash is actually a tough game to play as it needs you to have strong arms while mine is so weak, while my aiming is bad too; most of the time I either miss the balls or the racquet got thrown away while I tried to hit the balls as hard as I could.

2) Weekend was spent browsing through shops at various departmental stores; and purchasing stuff for the upcoming wedding.
-Monday morning, realized that my money bag was considerably lighter and after the calculation done - it hit me that the money in my bank account has decreased with an alarming speed!
- Wedding checklist updated, settled quite a few things. Quite lega..pheww! But then mak called and tanya about other stuff yang belum complete..Started to berserabut balik *Sigh*

3) Some acquaintances will be coming to spend one night at the house during the weekend for the upcoming ***M dinner - me? I dun see the point in forking out such a huge amount of money just to have a fancy dinner with our kind. Wouldn't enjoy it anyway, so....

4) Another event is coming up -organized by the company - but I'm so not involve with it this time. Surely depa ni tak puaih ati with me, but I just hate getting involve in all these event. Sorry peeps!

That's about it. Will write more when I feel like it. Oh! Btw, did I mention that I've placed a pre-booking on the latest Harry Potter book - HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS - which will be out in July (the 21st if I'm not mistaken).


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10:51 AM

The thing I wrote just now has disappeared..and I didn't make a copy of it. *Darn*

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3:41 PM

Eversince I started going steady with him - which was like 6 years back - I've been depending on my boo for emotional support and also in my daily errands. Whenever something gets too complicated, I somehow knew - or expected - him to solve it for me.

Today I realized how being too independent on someone is not really healthy for you. I also realized that living apart from your loved one can cause an unbearable feeling of distress whenever you look at other people being happily together.

There's this situation that I'm in. I'm supposed to go to the northern state for a site visit and the flight to this country is only available early in the morning - say 7.45 am. Not being able to drive, I totally have to depend on public transport - namely the train. The train that I'm supposed to take only started it's service at 6 in the morning, which make it risky for me to depend on it in case I couldn't arrive at the airport in time to check in.

My only other options are whether to sleep at the airport (surau) or take a late night flight and check into a hotel at the country. The trouble with the 2nd option is that how am I suppose to go to the hotel in the middle of the night, in a place which is totally alien to me.

Now I just wish that I have my other half here with me, at least I can bribe him to send me off to the airport at the wee hours.

:-( I'm definitely going to find a new job so that I can be closer to him.

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5:28 PM

Yesterday, I got an email from him asking me to give wise answer on why we don't celebrate Valentine. Wise and convincing answer, I'm not sure. But it sure made him laugh.. :-) . apparently, he wanted to give convincing answers to his non-muslim colleague when they pestered him on why he didn't celebrate the day.

Anyway, this is what I sent him...enjoy the read. ;-)

Of coz we dun celebrate valentine..why should we? Do u only show your love to your loved ones during valentine? Abeh tu the rest of the days in the year you dun love each other ka?

I dun wait until Valentine to show my love to u. I do it everyday coz u never know bila ajal datang menjemput. What if u wait until this 14th Febuary baru nak show ur love (by giving things like flowers and candy), and then tetiba ur other half tu meninggal on the 13th of Febuary? tak nyesal ka tak tunjuk earlier?

see..valentines day ni.. if u dun celebrate it, then u dun lose a thing. and if u celebrate it u dun gain anything (u lose ada la especially the guys la coz nak kena fork out lotsa money nak give their gf "the best valentine ever", coz if they dun the gf would sulk for the rest of the year)..

and then, another bad thing is that people tend to compare esp, girls la...e.g of a scenario that can make u go ballistic..

Girl A :"eyy..what did ur bf gave to u aaa"

Girl B :"nothing much la we just went out for dinner and the mamak and he gave me a single rose. we're broke la this year"

Girl A :"aiyaa!! pity u bf and I..we went out for a candlelight dinner @ Victoria Station. Had the beast meals of my life u know. Then he surprised me with the most beautiful bouquet of red roses which the waiter specially delivered to our table and I got the J.Lo perfume that I wanted so much!!!"

Girl B : (with long face) lucky you..................................................

Then Girl B will excuse herself, go lock herself in her room contemplating her unlucky fate to have a bf who couldn't afford all those luxury things. Wallowing in self pity. If the girl have a good sense, she'd sympathise with her bf financial situation and be a good sport but it she doesn't have a good sense, she'd be contemplating whether to dump him for a richer one or would start to pester him for those luxurious treatments too.

If that happens, pity the boyfriend...Should u really measure your love through materials??

That's my 2 cents worth la..

P/S : haha. nampak sangat takdak keja...

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3:33 PM

The society nowadays has no more respect for their own religion. Even celebrities - who should've set good examples as they're the idols of the young generations - do not feel guilty in making fun of the Islamic law.

Many controversial statements has again and again been uttered by these people. For once, there was this lady artist who was called to present an award for the best nasyid artist during one of the events. She walked in clad in a sexy black dress. A set of black gloves was seen dangling from her hands. A while later, her announcing partner asked her what's the glove for and with a witty look on her face, she answered "Kan nak bagi award untuk artis nasyid, kena la pakai sarung tangan in case nak kena salam". At that moment, my friends and I were like - What the heck!! Berani cakap macam tu, takdak respect langsung towards the religion!

Another Muslimah artist - who also likes to dress sexily - when asked on why does she prefer to hang out with young boys when she herself is of the golden age , answered in the most outrageous manner - "Masa Nabi Muhammad s.a.w nak kawin dengan Saidatina Khadijah dulu umo Nabi brapa & umo Siti Khadijah brape?"

When the audience answered 25 for The Prophet & 44 for Siti Khadijah, without any hesitation she blurted out :"Haaa.. tak ke dah nak mampos tu?" (referring to Siti Khadijah's age).

As a Muslim, I find it very heartbreaking to hear a fellow Muslim downgrading someone who's dear to our Prophet. I once heard a Muslim girl telling her girlfriend that she HAD to spend the Maal Hijrah night with her in-law to-be, semayang maghrib & Isyak berjemaah. Her girlfriend replied " Gosh! If I had to do the same thing, I'd surely mati masa sujud!". I was so shocked to hear such things coming from a fellow Muslim mouth that my jaw went slacked and I gaped at her for quite a long time.

*Sigh*If this kind of thing goes on, then there's no surprise that our generation of Muslims are going down.


On a different story, I have to say that I hate the way things are going in this new place. Before this, I'd say that I was at peace with the community because I hadn't been exposed to their real characters.

Today, I've discovered that greed is such a powerful monster that it could overwhelm even the best of human. I was thinking to myself this morning, why is it that praying five times a day doesn’t lessen the greed residing in a man’s heart. For example; why would they pray but at the same time they wouldn’t hesitate to take bribe or using gover**ent money for their own benefit.

Diberikannya nikmat dan dihilangkan kepada mereka ertikesyukuran.Beransur-ansur sedang dia tidak tahu.

I guess praying five times a day does not necessarily make u a good person. Only praying with total devotion could purify your heart. Like my grandma used to say “Semayang tunggang terbalik, tapi buat jahat jugak”.

I have great fear that I'd get influenced with this set of behaviour. I pray that God will put enormous feeling of hatred in my heart for this kind of thing.

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If only wishes are gold...
11:26 AM

I think I'm about to lose it. I can't see the whole picture of what I'm suppose to do. The documents are all just a stack of papers to me.

People are laughing at me. Behind my back. There's something in their eyes whenever they look at me. Something that I couldn't quite comprehend. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid?

Well, whatever it is..I'm not ashamed to admit that I don't know anything. I start at totally zero. I don't want and never even dream to act worldy, coz I am not. I'm confuse and I'm learning, the hard way that is. Somehow, I find that I don't enjoy working in this line of work. I hate having to learn all these details, all the process and stuff. *Sigh* Frankly speaking, I don't even know what I want anymore.

Sadly, I don't even have someone to turn to at the end of the day. I wish life is different for me...

p/s : Do u guys believe in this clairvoyant thingy. I mean like you have this instinct about something or dreams about it and it turns out to be true. Well, been experiencing it many many times lately. It's freaking me out.

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The rumour has it that...
9:44 AM

People say that first impression gives a great impact on how you're perceived by others. Sometimes I find this statement quite hard to believe.

I've always been the girl who refused to go with the way the majority thinks. Because most of the time I find that the majority group has a propensity towards a bias opinion on all things.

There's this man whom I have to deal with in this new department. All around this place, I'd been hearing stories about him. Stories that are not good. To put it in harsh words - he was potrayed as this arrogant male chauvinist.

When words got to me that I'll be dealing directly with him, I was nervous. The thing that I was afraid most had became reality. But I tried not to show my true feeling. I tried to bury it deep inside me. In my attempt to plant positive notions inside my head, I thought to myself "He looks knowledgeable and worldly, maybe I'd gain lotsa benefits from our dealings after all".

And my!my! it turns out that I was right. He does have worldly knowledge. And unlike the rumors had it, he's actually nice and polite towards me. He helps my dealings with the con*ract*rs and the authorities and make the handling of projects easier for me.

Luckily, I didn't get the rumours get to me. Or else I'd had lost this great opportunity to learn all the wonderful new knowledge from this man.

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