Acute bronchitis
1:20 PM

Irfan is still sick. He's got acute bronchitis. His coughing is getting worse, phlegm still banyak. It's pretty sad to see him coughing hard and cried because he couldn't take it. Pity my boy.

And now I got infected too, sore throat, phlegm and flu. Last night all of us were so tired and worn out, we only woke up OCE to feed Irfan. He plak didn't cry his heart out like he used to, just merengek2 a bit so a couple of times we just kinda ignored his rengekan. Hehe bad parents we are.

Anyway, his paed at Hope Children Specialist said if he doesn't get better in 2 days time, we're gonna have to go and do the nebulizer. I hope for everyone's sake that he'll get well soon.

Mak said today he is still clingy. Just now she went to the loo and no one else was around. She left him and he was really screaming and crying. Then after she was done and picked him up, Irfan hugged her so tight, macam tak mau let go. Manja tau!

Btw, I already got the Langkawi pics in my notebook..but haven't got the chance to post it in here. Will do it soon I hope.

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