Damn The Israel Laknatullah
10:28 PM

It's like 9.30pm and we just got back home. I'm darn tired, but I need to post this today. I need to post it in here to make it happen, so that I could look back on this particular entry and be reminded to keep my promise.

With what's happening to the Palestinian, I think it's about time that I start to contribute in helping to ease their pain. Sure we could give them money, but we can't be sure that it'll reach them safely, can we? I'm not saying that we shouldn't give derma to them, we should, we really should with a sincere heart; and I do try my very best to do it whenever the opportunities arise. But aside from that, what else can we do? How can we be involve in the jihad against violence towards our own sisters and brothers in Islam?

Earlier this afternoon, I printed out the listing of products that contributes to the Israelis economy and brought it back home (to mak's house). Mak and abah saw the list, and abah gave his long lectures on the mission of Israels to destroy not just the Muslims but the world population and to have total power over us.

Their evil schemes were all revealed in few books such as Pawns in the Games and a few more that abah mentioned earlier; which I couldn't remember now. Shall try to get my hands on the books,as I'm curious to learn of their devilish scheme.

Anyway, InsyaAllah starting today our family will start to boycott products that we know will/are contributing to the economy of the Israel. They are many out there, and some has been used for decades in our household. It might be hard to eliminate the usage of all these products at one go, but we'll try our damnest with hope that one day, we won't be contributing even a single cent to their evil mission in destroying and taking over the Palestinians' land. InsyaAllah..If all of us unite in boycotting their products, there's a big possibility for us to cripple the Israel economy.

So for a start, Mr Hubby and I shall make a list of the current Israelis / American-contributing-to-the-Israelis' products we're using and shall find an alternative products that we could use instead. The list shall be uploaded in here soon.

I must admit that I will miss eating McDs, KFC, Pizza Hut and what not. I would drool looking at all those BabyGap stuff, thinking how good my son will look in it. But it'll be much much more rewarding to know that my small contribution will help in giving justice to the Palestinians. To know that I still have that humanism in me, knowing where and what my priorities are in life. And it'll be very rewarding to know that I've done something in this life, something that will help putting back smiles on those terrified faces, something that will save the lives of many and be rewarded with much better gifts from the Almighty.

So help me God, help me in realizing our modest 'mission' to save the Muslims in Palestine.

P/s : Ami, nampaknya no Bobby Brown for me lah. Uwaaaa!!Alangkah sedihnya saya manakala gembiralah suami saya kerana wang tidak lagi akan disia-siakan begitu saja :-p

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