The Oh!So-Long Wait
4:56 PM

*Heart pounding* Masuk ja M*uggleNet..dah baca macam-macam cita about the 7th H*arry P*otter book ni. This is why I tried not to read anything about it before. The excitement is killing me...oooh!

Seriously..I'm too old for this. Now, I just can't imagine how I'm gonna be able to endure the loooong wait. *Sigh*

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4:33 PM

The Zonan Factor

A Hectic Dinner - She Called It
12:56 PM

Soraya and family are here in KL since last weekend. I invited her to the house for dinner on Saturday. Cooked daging goreng kicap and a few other dishes, Amin even cooked one dish on his own -that is "Rasem" (I dunno how to spell it) and it turned out quite nicely. However, the Mickey's family couldn't make it for dinner due to some reason.

So I end up eating the daging goreng kicap for 3 days in a row dah..konon takmau membazir la. But I'm beginning to get sick of it already lah...

Btw, for those who doesn't know, Soraya a.k.a Mickey is my best friend since secondary school and she's the one and only friend who was with me the moment I became a Mrs. Siap jadik pengapit lagi masa nikah tu. And that's the reason why I was sooo chatty masa nikah tu coz I had my best friend sitting beside me. Bila tengok balik dalam video malu ja. Pokpek pokpek minah nih (ME!)...Cett...

The said lady with hubby.

ANYWAY, last night she texted me saying she'll pick me up for dinner. I was a bit tired but I agreed nevertheless as it's been more than 2 months since I saw the lady. At around 8.00 pm, we made our way to one of their favourite eating spot during their studying days, at Damansara. Acin was starving after taking care of the kids the whole day when their mama-mummy-mom (Ayman call his mom many many things) had to attend a seminar in U*IA.

While we were in the car, everything was quiet and peaceful. Both of them told me that it's sooo tiring to take care of 2 growing up sons, but they nevertheless enjoy it. I said what could be so tiring about it, I mean just look at Ayman (the big brother) sleeping serenely at the back and Ammar... well, he was sitting demurely on his mother's lap at the front seat, how hyper could he get rite??

BUT once we reached the eating spot, these 2 extremely cute ANGELIC looking kids didn't even take a second to sit down. They were so in awe with the ambience of the place, Ammar shot straight to the pool and tried to catch the gold fish with his own bare hands. And he's only 1 year plus...mind you! Haha...Mickey even asked me "ey, the fish won't bite his hand do u think?" hahaha...I dunno dear I dunno...

He's soooo adorable looking isn't he?

Ayman who just woke up from slumber, just leaned on some railings and look into the running water below. That was AT FIRST. But when he started to gain his momentum, he began to run here and there with this one little lady whose family also dined there, whom he called "Friend". For the whole time we were there, he played with the little girl and at one point he even tried to lift her up. Mickey's reaction to this was " Alamak, takdan apa2 dah dapat menantu la aku". Kweng kweng kweng...

Ayman - extremely talkative and VERY SMART when it comes to "debating" with his parents

We didn't actually get to have a "civilised" seated dinner that night. The parents had to take turn to eat while watching over the kids. But I tell you, it was enjoyable and fun as we were kept entertained by the kids pulling all sorts of hilarious actions and stunts. And I got to do some catching up with my best friend who, btw, is undeniably a SUPERMOM!

One question asked to me by Mickey towards the end of the day : "So, are you ready to have one of your own?". Aha...that's left to be answered once I'm ready to answer it... ;-)

(All photos are from the parents own collection)

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Transformers. Robot in Disguise.
1:50 PM

Enjoyed my Transformers weekend very much. Well, the initial plan was to watch Transformers first AND Harry Potter after, but since the cinema we went to had a function for HP, the earlier plan to watch it was canceled.

Hubby wanted to watch Transformers as he didn't had the chance (nor time) to watch it with his buddies. I'd watch it a week's earlier with friends, but definitely wouldn't mind watching it again. Since I'd watched it before, I couldn't help being a spoiler and a Mrs-Know-It-All, explaining to him what I thought he wouldn't understand and point out things I thought he'd miss. Also, I kept on announcing "Oh! Here comes my favourite part!!" again and again but he just kept a stone face and tried to concentrate hard on the MOVIE , instead of getting annoyed with the chatty women seated beside him. Hehe..

The movie was great. I'd say it's by far one of the BEST movie I'd ever watched in quite a long time - besides LOTR of coz. Hubby said those are of two different genre, thus both are the BEST in their own categories.

Yes, Bumblebee is such a sweetheart, but it's Optimus I fell in love with. He's such a good man - ooopss... ROBOT with a good heart. He's got that leadership qualities, and oh!-so-manly voice! Sigh...He's just like Aragorn in LOTR... *woot*woot*

The effect is good. Sound effect, special effect, semua okie. Only sometimes the motions become blurry, maybe sebab cepat sangat and they zoom in quite a lot.

Anyway, IF and only IF there's any of you out there who have not felt tempted to watch it, think again. I assure that you SHOULD at least go and give it a try. I wasn't interested at first you know, but after I watched it the first time, I definitely wanna watch it again and again.

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1:41 PM

Waaaa....I ate a lot today! *Burp* alhamdulillah..

Anyway, I've been feeling very-very down and emotional these past couple of days. Makcik at the office said that I looked demotivated and sad and without energy ever since I got married. Well, what do you expect. My husband is far away, AND I don't like working here anymore than I like spending time at the studio during the university years (apart from the happy times with friends of coz).

I guess when you are trapped in an environment filled with M*lays with typical M*lay attitude, you either become like them or you'd be shunt aside, BY them. Me? I made the decision to isolate myself from the rest, and do my own things in my own cube. Most of the time, I won't go out with them during the long Friday lunch break. I feel like I've got nothing in common with any of them, aside from the same nature of work.

I can't talk about books with anyone here as no one would be interested enough to layan my small talk. There was this 1 lady whom I thought shared the same interest as me, but when I got to know her better, it turned out that she only talked about books (coz she used to work in one of the leading local bookstore) but don't bother to read it actually. *Sigh*

And worst of all, no one here is sharing my excitement for the release of the latest and final H*arry P*otter book. *Deep sigh*Let's not get deeper into this or else I'd not be able to stop harrasing you guys with my complaints and thoughts and dissatisfaction and anger and emotions bla bla bla..

Anyway, my initial thought for this post is this...

I was feeling very down last night and texted Ayu, hoping that she'd be able to cheer me up. I typed long long windy sentences and she only replied like...what? 2 to 3 sentences. But somehow those few words were able to lift up my spirit and before I knew it I was smiling with joy at her texts. How she does it, I just couldn't figure it out. Whatever it is, thank you very much friend.. for making me laugh last night. It was a much appreciated laughter as it doesn't come that easy anymore nowadays. ;-) Just hope I could do the same for you.


Just for everyone's info, the HP and the Deathly Hallows will be released this coming 21st July. Trying to think of an excuse not to follow Mr Husband to a function that night, but still haven't come out with a good one. You guys have any good excuses in mind???

P/S : I crave for Strawberry and Mango Yogurt drinks in the tiny bottles, but am very lazy to go out and get it. Can anybody deliver it to my house today? (Hoping Amin will read this right now). ;-p

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10:22 AM

This entry is meant as a token of appreciation to everyone involved in the planning and execution of the wedding. It's kinda late I know, but now is the only time that I have the chance (and the right mood) to do this special entry for those who helped me before, during and after the wedding. If I were asked to rate you guys, I'd give everyone an "A for effort"! Applause! Applause! ;-p

Anyway, I'm not gonna be writing lotsa crappy stuff like I usually do. Let's jez get up close and personal with these people. Behind the scenes of the wedding...

Introducing... The Family

Mak - Planning of the wedding and executing the plans from the big, big thing to the small, small things. Cups painting (the wedding favours) sampai sakit belakang. The worst, having to put up with MY temper and tantrum. Thanks so much. (If you ever read this)

Abah - Helping with the preparation, more on the outside jobs ; caterer etc.

Abang - Drive here and there (adaka??). Since he was also in KL so lots of things during the preparation. Oh! Sponsored the invitation card too.

Emi - Many, many things too. Shopping companions not only for the wedding but also the engagement ceremony before that. Ideas and such. Worked together with Yong for pelamin decorations and such.

Huzaifah (not in the picture)- Driver and ad hoc jobs. Tukang kena marah ngan mak when she was in pressure. Dan yang paling best, he sponsored the ice carved sculpture!

Kakak - Spa treatment telah disponsor oleh kakak.

Awis - Photographer for all occasions.

The Twins : Bungga manggar boys. Tukang kena marah ngan mak when she was in pressure also. Many ad hoc jobs, this time I warned them - many, many times - earlier, not to pull long face when asked to help with stuff. So nampak cam abide by it la.. ;-)

The ladies - Efficient bunga telur ladies.

And then comes.... The Aunties

Makchak - Mak's advisor, helping her with the preparation, providing (lending) wedding stuff, accesories and decor, sponsored food & beverages for the nikah ceremony. Many other little, little things that helped in the success of the wedding.

Mami Khairun - Brought me to Auntie Maria of the Maria Cakehouse for three-tier wedding cakes (short notice but she still took the order because she was Mami Khairun's friend). Packing of F & B for the nikah ceremony. Muffin for guests during the berinai ceremony. Brought mak to the flower decor shops. Many, many other countless stuff too.

Aunty Nee (helped by daughter Pipi, standing beside her) - Hantaran maker. Turned out nicely, and I still haven't been to see her to "settle the debt". Schmuck! Have to go soon la, one of these days.

Aunty Jan - Sponsored the gorgeous royal icing cake for hantaran. New design and all.

Mami Timah - Free flowing of food, food and food! Mami Timah is the chef in the family.

Mami Yah - Ad hoc jobs. Gave me the BEST wedding gift ever! ;-)

(It definitely couldn't have been done without...) The Cousins

Yong (and abg nasir, not in the picture) - The planner. Shopping companions. From titbits (flowers and beadings) to the bigger stuff (pelamin) . Sampai demam-demam buat keja.Nanti saya blanja tengok Harry Potter naah...

Yone - My sidekick. Dari driver, to counsellor, and a real help. Sponsored the flower girls costumes. I owe you a lot cuzzy!

Ayu - the CUP PAINTER. Buat glass painting pun takut-takut nanti Kak Yah tak satisfied. Hehe..Thanks a lot! Nanti Ayu nya turn Kak Yah wat la plak...tapi jangan yang susah2 tau..haha ;-p

Cha and Fatin - Ad hoc stuff. Cha was the emcee too. Oh! She sponsored eggs for the bunga pahar.

Meor - The Emcee Cum VIP Waiter. turns out that our caterer didn't spare any man to serve the food, even at the main table! Lucky we have this man here who noticed that something's missing..and cepat2 came to serve us. Very efficient. You should hire him. Haha..kidding kidding..

Azim Chauffeur of the newly-weds. Also helps in ad hoc tasks. Very the cool. Yang paling slalu kena tanya "You bila plak?" whenever there's a wedding around. But he's cool with it u know..hehehe...

Intan - Very the vogue. Sponsored chocolates for hantaran. Very-very the many chocolates and very-very the delicious. Hehe..kami curi makan skit senyap2 ;-p Lotsa other ad hoc jobs too like food packing and stuff.


And to all whose name I didn't mentioned in here or whose pictures I didn't have up here due to laziness on my part, millions of thanks....You made it a reality.. (cewah, cam hapa2 ja)

* All photos by *

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"Akta" Berkenaan Cinta.
1:37 PM

Love is simply the food that nourished the relationship, you need water, substance and something more to keep it alive...
~Mrs. Mickey~

So true true...


It's a funny thing how thoughtless, ignorant and stupid people can be at times. All these while, colleagues had been complaining of certain people who smokes in the office. At their own cube. Dalam bilik air-conditioned and all. As the men in my life are all smokers, I'd become quite used to the smell so it didn't bother me that much. Nevertheless, these stupid smokers should respect lah orang lain yang tak tahan bau asap rokok tuh. Why can't you go out to the toilet or the stairs to do it. THOUGHTLESS jerks.

And today, these jerks AGAIN do something just as irritating. Bole tak makan durian kat tengah-tengah this air-conditioned room. Ramai yang complain "Please eat it somewhere else, we cannot tahan the smell"..but u know lah what their reply is rite?? "Eleh..mengada-ngada tak tahan bau konon". Shi**t man! What's it got to do with being mengada-ngada. If that person cannot stand the smell, then be it lah. If people kentut bau sampah kat your cube tau plak u nak complain...why can't u tahan the smell.

It's up to individual la whether they like the smell or not. And this is public place okie..go do your thing somewhere else and please have respect for other people if you want them to respect you. Just so you know, it wasn't me who complained about the smell. I don't mind it that much, though it does made me a bit nauseous just now. It was a technician, and she seriously sounded serious when she asked them to take it somewhere else but she got laughed at. *Sigh*

Typical M***y g*******t jerks.

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Painful Week
11:49 AM

Last week was no fun for fun at all....

I was in pain for most of the days last week. It's got something to do with a back problem. Anyway, it started on Tuesday when I was having bladder problem..had the urge to empty my bladder for like every 15 minutes. I was scared at first but the problem disappeared after a while so I kinda forgot all about it.

Then on Wednesday I started to have mild back pain...lenguh2 macam tu ja la. But when night comes, it started to be a real problem, the pain was so severe that I trashed in bed for almost an hour. When I couldn't stand the pain anymore (daya tahan terhadap pain saya sangat lemah, sangat tak tahan kalau sakit), I gulped down some pills, called up hubby and he talked to me until at last I fell asleep at around 2am.

Then the pain sorta disappeared the next day, and the day after. But come Friday, it came back but with only a mild attack. Then, Saturday nite it got worse and when I couldn't stand it anymore, I called up Mr. Hubby and cried on the phone...AGAIN. I told you that daya tahan saya sangat lemah. "Manja ketaik" mebbe..I don't know..

So Mr. Hubby, being a dear that he is..drove to KL on the Sunday evening after his best friend's wedding to be with me. It was supposed to be a private affair between me and him, hubby coming to KL I mean. But as it turned out, everyone in the family knew about it, all thanks to Mr. Hubby who - I guess - got too worried that he informed abah and abah then informed the siblings.

MIL got worked out too and somehow I regretted telling Mr Hubby in the first place about the pain. Mebbe it was nothing, mebbe I exxagerated it. But well, what to do, benda dah jadi.

So I guess next time, I should go sendiri check at the nearby clinic/hospital (oh, now I know already where to go if I get sick)before deciding to burden hubby with it.

And by the way, this is embarassing I guess, but the doc said it was nothing but "the symptoms of the newly-wed"..erkkk.... ;-)

I'm signing out..

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Little Princesses...
1:18 PM

Why didn't no one wanted to make me a princess when I was their age *crushed heart..auuuwww!*

~The Urban Factor~

The disappoinment / Starlight
1:36 PM

I wonder why when people (like my parents, lecturers and now bosses)wanna scold me, they usually call me by my full name B A I Z U R A H. (stressing on the last letter - H).Tersentak sangat bila dengaq camtu. That's even worse than having them yell at me tau. Isk isk isk..

Haiyah people! Next time u wanna scold me, scold me properly la. Dun la cakap in that low but disappointed voice, then call me THAT. Hish...I soooo cannot take it lah. *sigh sigh*


I miss A M I N !! It'd be another 2 weeks before I get to see him. *pout pout*.



Far away
This ship has taken me far away
Far away from the memories
Of the people who care if I live or die

I will be chasing a starlight
Until the end of my life
I don't know if it's worth it anymore

Hold you in my arms
I just wanted to hold you in my arms

My life
You electrify my life
Let's conspire to re-ignite
All the souls that would die just to feel alive

I'll never let you go
If you promise not to fade away
Never fade away

Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations
Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations

Hold you in my arms
I just wanted to hold you in my arms

Far away
The ship has taken me far away
Far away from the memories
Of the people who care if I live or die

I'll never let you go
If you promise not to fade away
Never fade away

Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations
Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations

Hold you in my arms
I just wanted to hold you in my arms
I just wanted to hold

~The Urban Factor~