I want Ryan and Marissa to be together!!
4:53 PM

Last night, I watched one of my fave show- The OC on channel 70. Yeah, I know most of u had watched it long ago, but u see… back to the time when I stayed with my parents I didn’t watch much TV. In fact, I daresay that I only watched 2-3 shows per week. The reasons were because:

i) I spent most of my time dating (my beloved fiancé…miss u! luv u! hehe)
ii) my dad didn’t like us watching much TV, so whenever he’s around we’d be quite afraid to turn on the TV set.
iii) my twin brothers always planned ahead of me on what they wanted to watch, so I usually ended up watching the shows they like and I hate. Disappointed, I resort to my storybooks instead.

However, only recently being crowned as a potato couch by my housemate, (who incidentally, owns the gigantic TV set we have at home) I watched TV religiously nowadays, which is to say almost every day and night.

Anyway, back to what I was telling you guys earlier, I watched the OC last night. And throughout the show, I just can’t stop seething with anger at Ryan for being such an obnoxious, self-centered jerk. I mean, how could he went back to Theresa and putting an end to his and Marissa’s beautiful relationship just because of one tiny little mistake she made. Above all, can’t he see how truthful she was in begging for his forgiveness?

All right, I admit that Marissa may have hurt Ryan’s feeling by not trusting his judgment back when she befriended that mental guy-Oliver. But even I could see what she was trying to do or why she did it. From my quick observation, Marissa is the kind of girl who’d pick a stray cat, pampers and nurtures it back to health. Why??

Because she knows how it feels like to be ignored and to feel like there’s no one in this world who love and care for you.

After all, she did picked up Ryan; gave him love, and made him feel needed and wanted, didn’t she? From the pattern there we can definitely insinuate the fact that she has a soft spot for the outcasts and loners. So why oh why, can’t he see the fact that what she was trying to do was to help Oliver through the hard times. AND to make him feel at home amidst their close-knit community. In any case, it’s not like she slept with that Oliver guy pun. And if you’d agree with me, it’s the least that a friend can do to help another friend get through their hard and trying times kan? Betoi tak?

So…itu la the reason why I was (and still am) mad with Ryan. He totally ruined my mood to watch my most favorite TV show last night. I used to be crazy about him, now I think HE is (crazy) out of his mind.

Benci kat Ryan...cian Marissa tau. Eeeeiiiii….beeeeennnncciiii Ryan!

P/S: I’m just torn in between. I promise you that I tried very hard, but I just can’t make myself hate Ryan coz he’s sooooo cute! But I pity Marissa and I like her too. So camana huh? What do u think guys? Should I hate him or should I not? ;-)

~The Urban Factor~