Being makcik - makcik
12:44 AM

This post is especially for puan - puan sekalian yang tahu betapa heavennya bila dapat shopping the pinggan mangkuks at Langkawi. They're cheaper than here, and they've got like so many pwetty pwetty choices that you'd end up buying the whole shops if your husband doesn't exercise control over you. Hahaha..
Here goes, among the things that I got for us (dengar tu Mr. hubby, not for me okeh, it's for our little family :-p)

Si lima beradik yang sangat gorgeous

Sweet tak the flowers?

My main aim was to get the Coningware / Correll set, but since I completed my shopping in the first day of arriving there..I had to shop for other things as well don't I? If not, I would've been bored to death doing nothing while the others sibuk bershopping. So these desert bowls are among other things that I managed to rembat. :-p

Other than these, I also bought the cutlery sets, chocolates, photo frames, jewelery box and banyak lagi lah. Malas nak list out the details.

But shopping wasn't the only thing that we did in Langkawi. Sight-seeing is of course, a must once you are there. We went to Makan Mahsuri, Tanjung Rhu, Cultural Complex, Teluk Ayaq Hangat (?) and few other places. The young(?) ladies went to look/shop for baju at every stop we made. Me - after joining the makcik-makcik group shopping for those things above - restrained myself from spending unnecessary amount of money on the baju.

We had so much fun in Langkawi though Irfan was being quite cranky - most prolly coz of the new surrounding and being with seldom-met aunties and tok-tok sekalian.

Thanks Ayu for inviting us to join the trip, next time bole book lagi apartment tu okeh. It's excellent..K.Yah bagi 4 stars! And thanks Cha for belanja-ing the ferry fare, terima kasih daun keladi :-D

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