Let's pray that they'll be given hidayah
11:55 AM

Looking back to the past one year of my life, I was brought back to the reality. I had been too busy with my new life as a wife, and then a mother to a cute lil baby; that I had no more time to read benda-benda ilimiah. I actually kinda miss feeding my soul with all those knowledge as I did before I got married.

Furthermore, it's been such a long time that I hadn't properly listened to the long talk/tazkirah by my dad that all of us used to enjoy so much. His talk really can give you insights to perform your duties as a Muslim.

I stumbled upon this blog while bloghopping, and ot got me sad to think that kaum munafik are really adamant in destroying our faith in Islam and Allah. Vulgar words are thrown at our beloved Prophet, and yet what can we do to stop it? When we curse and laknat them, when we defend our views and belief, they would spread fitnah that Quran is asking us to use violence against ppl of other religion.

I used to get so worked up when reading blogs - especially if it is kononnya-Muslim blogs -that potray us as stupid, arrogant and violent bunch. It's frustrating to know that all these murtad people are trying their damnest to turn us into non-Muslim just like them and bad-mouthing (fitnah) their own religion. But come to think of it, maybe they're getting paid to do it by the missionaries and whatnot, who knows kan. So now saya hanya mampu berdoa agar saya dan family / rakan2 dan kaum muslimin muslimat tidak ditempatkan bersama golongan2 sebegitu, and also I pray that Allah will throw hidayah into their heart to see the real truth behind our existance in this world.

*Amidst all these havoc from the Palestinian war, kita patut lebih bersatu hati, bukannya kutuk mengutuk sesama Islam, betul tak?? That's how the Jews got to be so powerful, because they UNITE. So why can't we?

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