Of Fever and Langkawi Trip
4:27 PM

Kesian Irfan, demam and sore throat. Phlegm, runny nose. He's being extra clingy today, pagi2 nangis and nak mama dukung. Just now mama and abah fetched him from maktok's house and brought him to the clinic, he was sleeping but once he saw his abah, his eyes were wide open. Smiling and clapping his hands.

However, we can see that he's kinda tired. Even mak said that he only crawled half way to the kitchen when she went to the bathroom this morning. Usually he would crawled all the way to the bathroom door and bang on it until she opens up.

This morning mak suap the porridge I made for him. He ate it but after that he throw up, so we have to stop giving him anything besides milk for a while lah. If he keeps on throwing up I'm afraid it would hurt him, kecian plak.

Apala Irfan, dah best2 enjoy kat Langkawi, now sakit2 plak. Takpa..next time we go for a holiday you'd be stronger coz now u r getting used to it dah kan. First time sakit la sikit kan. :-D

On to the holiday story, I'm quite satisfied with the trip. Banyak yang telah diborong. :-D Will post bout it in another entry.

Now, I better go and catch up with the mounting works.

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