Boycott and Cosway
11:02 AM

We've taken our first step in changing the household products that directly contribute to Israel. We now use Cosway, the detergents and cleaners are pretty good if u ask me. My bathrooms are now cleaner than it used to be. I'd say, it's spotless now, and I dun even have to scrub like crazy. The product works wonder on tough stain.

Luckily, we made decision to boycott, coz it led us to switch to the value-for-money product. Save money and energy keh!*wink*wink* After this, we'd be getting the water filter plak insyaAllah. Just waiting until after renovation.

Anyone nak register as cosway member, or even if you wanna buy products (those in Penang area) can contact me at 019-4705286. Have a bless day!

The Zonan Factor